Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

6 Quick TIps to get your home ready for the holidays and make the holidays easier and more enjoyful

You might think from some of my recent post’s here and here that I am a little obsessed with the bathroom, but it’s a place you use multiple times a day and getting your home ready for the holidays can sometimes be a chore you just don’t want to do. You may be worried about having guests and having your guests feel at home and making sure they don’t want for anything is part of being a good host so not to worry Miss Information has got you covered.6 Quick TIps to get your home ready for the holidays and make the holidays easier and more enjoyful

Let’s start with first things first get rid of your clutter. Clean out spaces like magazine baskets and all those dump places in your home.

Next take a weekend and have the whole family participate in a deep clean. Do things like clean your ceiling fan blades, dust areas like the mantle and bookshelves and clean your main floor of the house really well. If you do this cleaning up, the house won’t be as big a chore from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Make sure you also wash the sheets on the guest bed if you haven’t done it since the last guest stayed there, and if your guest room is a piling spot clean it all up.

Go ahead and get some of those little things out of the way like ironing table cloths and napkins, polishing silver, etc. You don’t want to be doing this the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas.6 Quick TIps to get your home ready for the holidays and make the holidays easier and more enjoyful

Stock up on a few extra frozen appetizers and whip up a batch of cookie dough  to freeze it for cut and bake cookies in a jiffy. Make sure you are stocked up on any paper products you might need like napkins, plates, paper towels and toilet paper.

Check that your bar is stocked, and you have plenty of wine because we all know holiday guests, especially if they are family, can make you drink just a little more than glass

When guests come they invariably forget something so I like to think of my guest bath like a Hotel, what are the things people forget and want? First let’s also discuss soap, no one wants to use soap that someone else has used and still has hair stuck in it so buy liquid soap for your guest bathroom I promise they will thank you.

I always keep a basket with all the things a guest might forget and leave it out for them. I include toothpaste and toothbrushes, mouthwash, a razor and shaving cream, hand lotion, makeup remover towelettes, pain reliever medicine, Q-tips, and band-aids in it.This basket is great for out of town guest just in case they forget to pack something! Pinning for the Holidays

Plush towels are a must no one likes a thin, rough towel. I picked up a few of these at Target®. I also hang a robe on the back of the bathroom door just in case it’s needed or you want just to relax.

Now let’s talk toilet paper, it’s an important subject you don’t want TP that shreds little pieces all over the back of your seat, and you don’t want something so thin your guests have to clog the toilet to get clean! Enter Quilted Northern® it makes the unforgettable experience in the bathroom all better. Your toilet paper should be just as plush as everything else with pillows of softness, Quilted Northern’s® pretty quilts help get you cleaner I promise. It also has to look good no cheap looking TP, so that’s why I choose Northern. I keep a magazine basket by the toilet for extra rolls, so there is no need to go searching for it when you need a new roll.6 Quick TIps to get your home ready for the holidays and make the holidays easier and more enjoyful

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The makers of Quilted Northern® use our 100 years of experience to craft a toilet paper that works so well you can forget your bathroom experience. Because the best bathroom trips are the ones you don’t remember.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Georgia Pacific. The opinions and text are all mine.