Paper Ball Thanksgiving Garland Tutorial

I love this cute paper ball garland it's great for any holiday and you can make it with a Cricut machine or craft punches - There's a video of how it's made!

This Thanksgiving Garland is easy to make and will dress up any area of your home. You can make it in any color for other holidays too. This dimensional ball Paper Thanksgiving Garland perfect is easy to DIY for any special occasion using a Cricut or a circle punchIt’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving and this year I wanted to dress up my bar a little. I wanted to make a paper garland that was dimensional and didn’t want to string pom-pom balls on twine so after making some pumpkin pics for another project it occurred to me I could make my own paper balls for my Thanksgiving garland. I LOVE how it turned out. I know I could have taken a ton of pictures, but instead, I made you a video so you can see how easy it is to make.

Here are a few details on how to make this Thanksgiving Garland

I used a Cricut Explore Air™ machine to cut my circles; it will also score them down the middle for easy folding. You don’t need a Cricut for this craft a simple circle punch will do the trick nicely. Because I used a Cricut, I was able to customize my balls visually to the size I liked them. They were sized at 1.5″, 1.13″, and .87″ tall. A 2″, 1.5″ and 1″ circle punch would do just as nice a job.

Each set is one large ball, two medium balls, and one small ball so your pattern will be A-B-C-B-A. Each ball takes six circles to make.

Supplies to make this Thanksgiving garland

In the video, you will see how to fold each circle in half and use a glue stick to layer them one on top of the other. Fan them out and place your twine into the center before gluing the last halves together. If you want to measure between each ball you can but I just eyeballed the placement for mine. Make sure to leave enough twine on the ends to hang or tie your garland.

The other garland you see in the background was made using a cupcake topper. I just laid the twine in between the two pieces and glued them together. It’s made my bar so much more festive and really brings in the fall color.

If you have a Cricut Machine here are the Cricut images I used for both of these Thanksgiving Garlands:

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