Behind the Scenes at Miss Information: The Real Blogger Project

See Behind the Scenes of how some of y our favorite bloggers live!

Today I am going to show you what it’s really like behind the scenes at Miss Information! Many times especially at the holidays you see DIY bloggers post beautiful pictures of their homes. I often see people make comments “if they had all the time in the world their house would look that good as well”. Then I hear people say that “Pinterest intimidates them and they don’t feel like they can live up to what is on there, who has the time for that?”

What you have to realize is that this is our job! I can guarantee you that when a blogger puts up a beautiful room photo it’s not because she lives like that it’s because she has cleaned, primped and worked tirelessly to get it that way for the photographs. Then it’s back to normal life.

I have gotten together with a few other bloggers to give you a taste of what it really looks like behind the scenes! (Mom if you are reading this now close your eyes because it may give you a heart attack!)

First let me show you my desk in my office!

Behind the scenes of a blogger/ what it's really like!

 You can see over to the right my glue gun and the desk caddy I was getting ready to decorate with glitter and Modge Podge. In the back is a printable I made for Valentines. And on the floor is a project I started for Christmas and never finished!

 What a craft bloggers office really looks like!

You can also see a box of left over Martha Stewart craft products I used to make this etched glass project.

I am now redecorating my living room and can’t wait to get it done but here is what it looks like now; paint test swatches, fabric for curtains laying out, my light box is on the ottoman. The leather chair is one I have waited a year for my husband to take to our basement.

 What a bloggers house really looks like behind the scenes

 Next to my living room is my dining room. It has become a catch-all for props, back grounds, and all my paint gear that I will be painting the living room with soon.

 The Real Blogger Project What a bloggers house really looks like  behind the scenes

 So when you look at pretty pictures like this…

How to decorate a themed Christmas Tree

Just remember what is all around it is all this chaos! We don’t really live in ivory towers where everything is perfectly in its place. If you want to see how other bloggers live just check out the links below!

See Behind the Scenes of how some of y our favorite bloggers live!

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6 Responses

  1. Kolene spicher says:
    Hi! I just loved this post and can so relate. I'm an artist illustrator and the acrobats that I must sometimes go thru to just walk across my studio are both hilarious and embarrassing. I saw your entry because it was shared on Distinguished Imports. Maybe I will post a picture, too, if I get brave!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Thanks, it does get crazy!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing your behind the scenes photos. It's kinda scary to reveal the lady behind the drape, but I like being reminded that we are all human and that nobody is perfect.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      I know, funny isn\'t it how we all think we are the only ones!
  3. I love that you were brave enough to post :) I thought about it but chickened out. I promise you my office looks way worse than yours though. LOL
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Believe me I had to think about it! You can always post on your own sometimes!

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