Easy Ornaments Using Glass Etching Cream

Marthta Stewart Glass Stencils can be used over and over again

A few months ago I received a great goodie package of Martha Stewart craft products. I made these decoupage ornaments with it. There was also some glass etching cream and reusable stencils. I decided to try them and made this easy glass etching ornament with a snowflake on it.

This ornament is so pretty but so easy to make! I never knew glass etching was as easy as painting!


Lets just preface this with the fact that it was so easy it may become a new addiction!

First I took a snowflake adhesive stencil and applied it to the glass ball. Because it is a rounded surface you will need to work with it a little to get the air pockets out around the stencil edges. You may have to crimp a few places.

Martha Stewart glass stencils can be used over and over again. Just wash and reuse.

Then get out the etching cream. It comes with a brush to use as well. It recommends wearing gloves but I like to live on the wild side and was careful not to get it on me. Just brush on in a even layer over the stencil. 

Use etching cream which is as easy as paint to etch glass ornaments


I’m sure you are wondering about why there is stuff inside the ball, that was a bright idea that didn’t work for this, but did work for another idea you will see next week!

After about 10 -15 minutes you just wash off the etching cream, pull off the stencil and wash it off. Set the stencil aside to dry with the sticky side up then you just put it back on the cello page it comes on. Save it for the next time you want to use it! Tie a bow at the top and you are done!

Glass Etched Christmas Ornament using Martha Stewart Etching Cream - so easy and quick!


I hope you liked these easy glass etching ornament, do you ever make ornaments for your tree?

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  1. Betsy Johnson says:
    Adorable and yes I will be trying this. Thank you!
  2. Grace Simpson says:
    I tried doing the ornaments but the words are very light and can't be seen very well. I left the cream on for different lengths of time up to a half an hour and it still doesn't show up well.How can I make them show up like yours?
  3. Great project. I have lots of the clear plastic ornaments and I wonder if I can use the etching cream on them?
    1. Etching Cream will etch glass, mirror, and porcelain, ceramic, marble, and slate. I'm sorry to say it does not work on plastic.
  4. Jeanne Wadsworth says:
    I can tell that is a martha stewart stencil. I just love the snowflake. Can you please tell me what kit it is found in. I'd really appreciate it.
    1. Hey Jeanne, it is the Holiday 2 Package - her is a link so you can see it - http://amzn.to/1HJe43s
    2. Hey Jeanne, it is the Holiday 2 Package - here is a link so you can see it - http://amzn.to/1HJe43s
  5. I love your simple and super pretty ornament! I have some of those stencils and etching cream...and a box of glass ornaments...and never even thought of trying this! Thanks for the idea, and thanks for sharing on today's Daily Blog Boost! :) - Brooke -
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Thanks Brooke! Hope you try it, it\'s so easy!
  6. ooo very pretty! I need to get some of that etching stuff! Pinning! Emily
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Thanks for pinning Emily!
  7. Pretty!! I actually have those same stencils and that exact etching cream down in my stash from last year! Hmmm.....
    1. msinfoblog says:
      LOL get to it and pull those cobwebs off your stencils!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      I was as well Victoria but I could not believe how easy it was! Thanks so much for pinning!

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