Dress Up a Vase With Washi Tape

Make a 4th of July Table pop with this easy washi tape vase

It’s almost the 4th of July and I wanted to jazz up the vase on my kitchen table. I didn’t want anything permanent so I decided to use washi tape. It’s a decorative tape that comes in a ton of colors and it will dress up a vase, candle votives or any other decor item in seconds. You can use any color for any holiday and simply remove it when you are done.  Decorate any vase with washi tape to liven up your holiday decor

This holiday craft is so simple here is all you need:

Use Washi Tape to add a touch to any vase for a holiday theme party I bought my washi tape at Micheal’s and used a vase I already had at home.  Just measure your tape out around the vase with a little for overlap. I started at the seam of my metal vase and pulled off the backing bit by bit until it was completely around the vase. Repeat with all colors of tape you want to use. Pep up a plain old vase with washi tape to liven up a holiday or party table The thicker the tape the harder it is to get it flat, you will notice a little bubble on the white glitter tape. I could go all anal on this and let it drive me crazy but why? It’s there for the holiday and then I’m going to take it off, so no need to get all worried about a little bubble. I put it on my table with a denim table runner I found at Ikea and some blue glass lanterns I also purchased at Micheal’s. The star candles I had in a drawer somewhere. Make a 4th of July Table pop with this easy washi tape vase Tomorrow I will be sharing with you how to arrange flowers like a pro using nothing more than scotch tape! If you want some other great washi tape ideas you can check out my friend Amy’s blog Washi Tape Crafts!  

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