How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

How to arrange flowers like a pro using a common household item ~ Quick Tip Tuesday's at Miss Information

Do you ever have a hard time arranging flowers in a vase? They flop over or won’t stay in place unless you cram it really full. I have the perfect tip for you to make your flowers stand up and fill your vase so they look like they have been arranged by a pro!

How to arrange flowers like a pro using a common household item ~ Quick Tip Tuesday's at Miss Information

Most professionals us a floral frog. Frogs fit in the bottom of a vase and are used to keep flowers in place and evenly spread. They prevent leaning and will make your arrangement look fuller. These are usual made of metal or glass. I’m going to show you how to faux one using plain old scotch tape and arrange flowers like a pro!


All you need to do is take your roll of scotch tape or floral tape and any vase. I’m using my 4th of July washi tape vase. I put the water in my vase first because I’m messy but you can do it after if you want.  Make a criss-cross pattern at the top with your tape. If your vase has a larger opening you may want to do more lines than I did.

how to arrange flowers like a pro with nothing more than scotch tape

Some of my stems were pretty large so I made the spaces bigger. If you have a lot of tiny stems then you may want to use more tape and make your spaces smaller. I then started putting my flowers in the grid lines. I used 1 1/2 bouquets from my local grocery store.

How to arrange flowers like a pro using tape ~ Quick Tip Tuesday from Miss Information

See it’s that easy and here is the final product. Everything is evenly spaced and standing up instead of dropping over.

Make a 4th of July Table pop with this easy washi tape vase

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  1. thebetterbaker says:
    Absolutely brilliant! I can't wait to try this. I've also used your chlorox bleach 'trick' too...thanks so much for all the wonderful, practical info you share here!
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      Thanks so much! Have a great week.

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