How to Get the Locker Room Smell Out of Your Car

Get the locker room smell out of your car using Perk Vent Wraps - Not overly smelly and a Giveaway!

This post brought to you by PERK. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you but I have 2 boys and we seem to always have sports practices going on my car can sometimes start to smell like a locker room with sweaty feet. Recently I was introduced to a great new product by PERK they are vent air fresheners. The best part is that I am going to do a giveaway so you can try them to!

How to get the locker room smell out of your car

Now let’s talk about cars…me I spend 3 hours a day just driving school carpools. My kids eat in the car, change into sports gear in the car and it’s just a mess. It really starts to stink with sweaty shoes, socks, rain soaked clothing and forgotten milk. I have tried many air fresheners in my car and most of them are messy or they are so strong you have to ride with the window down to sit in the car. It just pretty much defeats the purpose. I have used disinfecting sprays but they just smell like a hospital.  When PERK offered to let me try the Vent Wrap I was a little wary. They said it has StediScent – for fragrance that is just right. Yea right, is what I thought!

Perk Vent Wraps an airfreshener for your car that is not overpoweringSo when I received my package I went out and put one in. { You’ll have to ignore my dust, keeping it real but I also wanted you to get a look at just how dirty my car can get with 4 carpools every day, sports, church and 2 boys!} I closed the car up and let it sit for an hour thinking for sure when I opened the door I would gag. Amazingly I didn’t, it was  Invisibly Fresh. No more stinky foot odor!

The best part is that you don’t really notice them in the car. No big clip on things or funny things hanging from you mirror. They are individually wrapped, so I just tossed a few in my console so I can pop one on when I need a new one. They last about 2 weeks. Don’t believe me? You can get more info, just  Like PERK on Facebook or go check out this video for yourself….

PERK comes in 5 great scents Golden Vanilla, Absolute Zero, Clean Laundry, New Car and Lush Valley. My favorite was Lush Valley. I spend at least 3 hours a day in my car just doing carpool! Now when I get in my car I actually relax to the scent that makes me take a deep breath and think about sitting on the steps at my Grandfathers farm, smelling the fresh cut grass and blooming flowers. You really should try them.

PERK Vent Wrap Giveaway - the non overpowering air freshener for your car

 You can buy them at any local store that sells auto air fresheners like Walmart or Target! I hope you will give them a try. One of the fun things about blogging is getting to try new things and it’s always great when you find something you will truly use!

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10 Responses

  1. 2 teen boys! Boy I sure needed these when they were playing hockey! Those hockey bags can get so stinky in the car!! Great product!
  2. barbara n says:
    My car always smells musty from wet towels and bathing suits!
  3. Kim Banta says:
    I am usually driving around by myself, but love a fresh, clean smell in my car. Most fresheners are too strong. Others not strong enough after about a day. I would so like to try this Perk Vent Wrap! I don't like to hang a big piece of cardboard scent from my mirror, nor do I like the bulky clip on that blocks air flow from my vent. This looks like the perfect solution!
  4. I need them because my car sits for long periods in Florida and can get really stinky!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Ha ha ha! That is great Good Luck!
  5. emily willingham says:
    i need some of these vent wrap car fresheners because just yesterday, i brought home a left-over deli tray from a lunch function and dill pickle juice spilled out all over my back seat - a hard odor to get rid of, for sure!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      OH no! yes you do, Good Luck!

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