DIY Vinyl Lettering Home Decor

Easy DIY Custom Bathroom Decor with a Cricut

Recently I did a makeover on my children’s bathroom. It is a nautical themed bathroom and I wanted to make some fun things to go in it without spending a lot of money. I was able to make my own DIY vinyl lettering home decor to add a few fun reminder signs, jazz up a plain old trash can, and make art and it all cost me less than $20.00!Awesome ideas to customize your kids bathroom, these are nautical themed but you could do these for any bathroom!

So just to give you an overview here is a picture of the before and after.Awesome ideas to customize your kids bathroom, these are nautical themed but you could do these for any bathroom!

With two boys, this bathroom can get pretty messy with toothpaste all over the counter, toilets that forget to be flushed etc. We now have a tween in the house so good hygiene is not as big a priority for him as it is for us! I started with a few reminders that will stare him straight in the face every morning!Love this reminder sign for tweens made out of vinyl on the bathroom mirror! You can even get a link to make it on your Cricut Machine

I made all of this vinyl lettering home decor with my Cricut Explore Air™. At the end of the post I made all the design layouts public so I will give the link and if you have Cricut Design Space™  you can cut Cricut vinyl yourself for your bathroom! This sign was made with Oracle 651 outdoor vinyl in red so it will withstand water and window cleaner without peeling off.

Our tween is also wearing a retainer which ends up being placed with spit hanging off of it all over the counter so I took an old soap dish and made a retainer holder, now it has its own special place.Tired of your kids retainer leaving spit all over the counter top? Make this DIY retainer holder with a soap dish and vinyl letters

Since I was working with the existing wallpaper I’m not ready to remove yet, I settled on a nautical theme. I added a simple anchor using Oracle 651 Outdoor Vinyl in King Blue to this trashcan I picked up at Target. You can also check out all the other Nautical Bathroom decor I used in this nautical themed children’s bathroom.Transform a plain old trashcan with vinyl to customize a theme in any bedroom or bathroom cheap and easy decor

Next we needed a fun toilet flush reminder, keeping with the nautical theme I cut out a rescue float and gave them a little reminder to flush. I must say this is the one thing that still cracks me up every time I see it. I used paper transfer tape to apply this and the mirror decal. Cricut vinyl transfer tape helps you to keep everything lined up for perfect placement.OMG I love this vinyl toilet sign for a children's bathroom, nautical inspired and so funny click here to make one!

Finally, I needed a piece of art to hang over the throne, so I used a crab image and red scrapbook paper. After I cut out the image with my Cricut, I glued it onto a piece of white scrapbook paper and put it in a frame I already had from Ikea.DIY your own artwork with a Cricut and scrapbook paper like this Nautical Inspired Crab, you gotta see all the great ideas in this bathroom makeover!

Total all of these projects took me less than 2 hours to create, cut and install. It made all the difference in this nautical bathroom and really pulled it together. The best part? If we change themes I can remove it all without damaging anything and make something different. I’ve done so many things with my Cricut machine from school projects and holiday decor to helping teachers with their classroom. I can’t tell you how much having a Cricut is totally worth it, buying cute vinyl decor pre-cut for would cost me a lot more money in the long run. If you don’t know what you need to get started check out my Cricut Gift Guide.


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  1. I love the sign for the toilet. That is great. The whole idea of vinyl signs around the bathroom with little reminders are cute and serve a little reminders as well. Thanks for sharing!

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