Visiting The Set of Good Luck Charlie

On our vacation we drove up to Los Angeles for a few days so we could see Garrett’s God parents and see the high school graduation of Chris’ goddaughter. My best friend from high school is Kim who you met here.  Kim’s husband is one of the owners of LA Center Studios.  LA Center Studios has been home to Terminator 3, Dream Girls, Mad Men and Disney’s Good Luck Charlie. Pete was sweet enough to have us over so Garrett could see the set.  Here’s the outside of the 6 sound stages.

Unfortunately they had just wrapped on with filming so we didn’t get to meet any of the actors but we did get to meet the set designer, the costume mistress and the producer. The set designer was sweet enough to give us a tour. Here are the boys entering the front door of the Duncan’s home. I have always loved the quirky decorating on this show so really enjoyed this part.

Since filming had wrapped they were starting to tear down the set to store till next season. They had just finished filming the Christmas episode hence the fridge decorations. I love this fridge, it is always so colorful!
Now in the picture above I used color saturation to make it look like the colors on TV but if you look below this is the actual color of the kitchen paint. Pretty wild.
The detail that is put into a set is amazing down to this memo board 
with family pics of the cast that hangs in the kitchen.
This is one of my favorite things on the set and something I might make for my house, sorry the pic is so blurry, Mattie broke my camera at the zoo so I was using my dad’s. they covered the back of the frame with burlap and mounted family pics. It was featured on the episode when we got back from LA when the new baby was born. When the baby was going to be born was the question Garrett most wanted answered.
Here is the mudroom inside the back door, love the baby pics above the real bead board.
This had to be my favorite vignette in the whole place, I loved the bee picture 
and the chair with the bright green seat.
Here is the set for the basement. I love the galley style stairs.
Thanks Duncan’s for letting us peep into your world it was really fun to see how a live TV set works.


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  1. Christine says:
    Sooooo AWESOME!!!!!! That must have been soooo magical! A memory that will last forever!
  2. Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon says:
    Oh my gosh... my kids would have thought that was the coolest thing ever! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    Take care,

  3. Bonnie and Trish @ U says:
    Oh my gosh... my kids would have thought that was the coolest thing ever! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Take care, Trish

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