Top Five Clean Eating Hacks to Try Today

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Clean Eating is something everyone strives for in one way or another. Here are Hampton Creek’s top five clean eating hacks to try today to make eating healthier easier for your family.The top five clean eating hacks you must try today including how to save money doing it!

Everybody agrees: natural is better when it comes to food. Scientists and parents alike can attest to the effects of overly-sugared foods, additives that have no place in food, and preservatives that come with a host of potential side effects. If all of this sounds like too much to figure out don’t worry, if you make conscientious choices regarding your family’s diet and habits you won’t have to deal with it. One of the best places to make improvements is in your family’s diet.

Eliminating harmful ingredients and integrating good ones doesn’t have to be hard. With these five natural food hacks, you can easily replace the sneaky additive-laden foods in your kitchen with healthy and clean alternatives. You might be surprised by the impact a few improvements can have on your family’s life, health, and well-being.
Update Your Favorite Recipes
If you’re like most parents, you rely on a reserve of favorite recipes when it’s dinner time. Cooking at home is almost always better than eating out, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. If you rely on shortcuts like condensed soup, cheese, or pre-made bread, you would probably be surprised at all of the unwanted ingredients that can hide in those simple items. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, take the time to update your family’s favorite recipes and substitute natural ingredients wherever necessary. You’ll keep tradition intact while still making an improvement. For example, if spaghetti is a favorite then make it home made in a big batch and freeze it into portions so it’s as easy to reach for as a jar.The Top five Clean eating hacks including how to save money!
Try New Things With Your Family
Embarking on a clean eating adventure is a great time to try new things with your family. It’s also a way to integrate natural foods into your diet without unnecessary fanfare. Do some research and find recipes, products, and meals that you think your family would enjoy and that leave out the additives and GMO’s you want to avoid. Your family will appreciate the variety, and you’ll see the benefits of cutting out all the nasty ingredients they don’t need. Keeping an open mind and encouraging them to do the same is the first step towards a clean eating overhaul.
Look for Sales and Other Incentives
One of the concerns families often have in switching to clean foods is the impact it might have on their grocery budget. Many are pleasantly surprised to find that there isn’t a huge price difference if you shop wisely, and it’s well worth the investment to do so. You’ll make your pursuit of natural food much easier, though, if you find affordable options that fit into your new diet. Plenty of brands have made a note of this need and rolled out products that fit the bill. One such company, Hampton Creek, sells a line of foods with budgeting specifically in mind. Their cookie dough is amazing and I love their sriracha mayo!
Start Meal-Planning for Better Eating
The best way to get on top of your clean eating game is to plan in advance. Meal planning is a challenge, but when you have a clear goal in mind, you can establish a system that works and keeps your family on track. One of the best ways to maintain your goals and plan meals is to find easy snacks that offer guilt-free shortcuts. As demand for natural and clean foods increases, the available options do, too. Companies such as Hampton Creek offer cookies and other light fare to make meal planning easier and clean eating delicious.


Educate Yourself on Ingredients
The last, yet arguably most important step to mastering clean eating is to understand your objective and the role particular ingredients play in it. Clean eating is about eating whole foods  that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible. You should, for example, research what preservatives and additives you would like to eliminate before embarking on a new diet. When you’re equipped with knowledge, you’re far more likely to succeed in your pursuits. Understanding the food your family consumes and the effect it has on them is the best way to ensure you can provide them with the nutrients they need most. You can make positive changes when you understand how to. Clean eating isn’t as complicated as you might have thought. In fact, it’s about as simple as the ingredients you should be consuming. You just need some insight and planning to maximize the impact of your diet and eliminate the parts of it that can be harmful to your family.

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