Basket Organization for Kids

Have you ever noticed that men in particular can walk by an item on the stairs 10 times and never see it? Heaven forbid they stoop over and pic something up to take up the stairs. My husband claims that  it is in the male genes to not notice stuff like that. Humph!
So as I was cruising Pintrest ( I love you Pintrest) I found this inspiration from Karen at Sew Many Ways her blog is great and packed with lots of good stuff:

First I went to the Container Store and found these, They are a wire frame and the wicker is made of plastic so they will be great for destructive little boys! Click on the pic for a link to buy these:
So I called my mom and she had THIS in her closet and said I could borrow it. SCORE a laminator brand new in the box.
So I went to my computer and created these on Excel (I would love to say I am that knowledgeable on the computer but I learned how to do this here at I Heart Organizing Jen has great ideas and printables. 
And then I got out my new toy and laminated them using business card lamination pouches
Once I cut them out, I punched a hole in the top and put a binder ring through it to attach it to the basket. This is what I got!
I think Mattie already likes his!

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  1. I need to do this and soon - kids things are taking over my counters. {New Linky Follower}.~Amy @Permanent Kisses

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