12 Sensational Seafood Recipes

Not sure how to cook seafood? Here are 12 sensational seafood recipes that will have you putting fish in your diet every week.
Easy Seafood Recipes that will help you get more fish in your diet!Fish is a great source of protein and, unlike beef or pork, it’s not high in saturated fat. Fish is also a way to get more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet which benefit your heart. When I first started cooking fish I was a little intimidated and tended not to eat much of it because I just didn’t know what else to do with it other than grill or broil is with a little lemon, salt and pepper. I started looking for some different ways to get fish into our diets and believe it or not my 2 picky eaters are starting to get on the seafood bandwagon.
Here are some great seafood recipes you can start putting into your weekly meal rotation for something new and healthy.
12 sensational seafood recipes
12 sensational seafood recipes
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