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Rename your pin boards so you can find the one you want quicker and easier

Yes I am a Pinterest addict,  I have lot’s of Pin Boards – 178 to be exact! When I go to pin, it is sometimes hard to find the one I want fast. (Yes there is a reason I have so many keep reading) I am going to teach you how to Pin quicker, no matter if you are pinning to one board or multiple boards.

 Rename your pin boards so you can find the one you want quicker and easier

As a blogger, I pin my posts to my boards and group boards I have with other bloggers. Group boards are where multiple people can pin to a subject to create an even better board. Some of the group boards that I have are Best Recipe Roundups, Best Craft Roundups, and Christmas with Bloggers.  You can tell a group board by the picture of 3 heads in the upper right hand corner.

How to Identify a Pinterest Group Board

This process will work for anyone not just bloggers. Let’s see how it’s done.

With this many boards things are all over the place when I go to pin something. You can see below there are crafts, cooking, DIY and group boards all mixed up. I would scroll and scroll to find the boards my pins would fit into. 

The regular way pinterest set's up boards so how you name them may make them a jumbbled mess! See how to rename your pin boards so they are organized by catagory

I worked on trying to figure out how could I group all my food boards together so when I am pinning foods it is easier to find the right board. Lets face it with 178 trying to remember every board you have is not easy. So I decided to try categorizing all of my personal boards. You can’t change the name of a group board unless you own it, but I will show you what naturally starts to happen once you rename your boards.

Let’s take a look at how a board name usually is:

 How people usually name boards, see here how to rename your boards so they are easier to find

It is best to have your boards more focused right? So I have one for Slow Cooker Recipes, one for Casseroles, one for Freezer Meals and so on. Because Pinterest puts them in alphabetical order my food boards are all over the place.

So here is how you can gather them together in one place in your board list.

First you want to figure out your main categories, mine were Food, Crafts, Decor, Kids, Blog, and Holiday. Not to worry you will probably find others once you start the process. Then I went in and renamed by boards with Category – Name of Board. For example you see below I renamed this board Food-Slow Cooker Recipes. See the picture below.

Categorize your Pin Boards so that when you go to pin they are all together for faster pinning

 (Since you just looked at that picture let me make a quick PSA, if you want your pins to be found better fill out those 2 boxes that say description and category!)

Now when I go to pin to one of my boards, they are all together, making it easier to find the board I want.

Change the names of your pin boards so that they are categorized when  you go to pin, making it much faster to pin things.

This does two things, it puts your personal board categories together in your board feed and it makes most of your group boards together. Your Group boards will still be in alphabetical order so there will still be some in between your categories but they will be in bigger chunks. This will also let you know what is a group board, when you are pinning from a an app that does not show the 3 headed group board icon, because those are not categorized. Now when you go to pin a recipe to your own boards you will know to scroll to F to find FOOD and you can pin to all of those boards really quickly. Organize your personal boards by assigning categories to make pinning much quicker

 Now if everyone on group boards would join the movement we could pin even faster! Try it and let me know if you can pin quicker!

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  1. Jill Lloyd-Jones says:
    Hi Kelley//really useful info but how do you physically pin to the multiple bords? one by one? sorry im a newbie to not getting it. Jill
    1. Hi Jill yes you have to pin to them one by one. Once you get it you will love it though! Are you a blogger by chance? If so I can send you some information on how to do it to multiple boards quicker.
  2. Yvonne WADLEY says:
    This will help me so much. I also try to keep my boards down to around the 100 pins each as I know how much time I use to look up a board I might be interested in. I am in the process of editing my boards at present - takes a fair amount of time, but I am gradually getting there. Once I am finished doing this I will print off the final format of my boards. This laminated list will help me decide quickly as to which board I'll choose to pin to.
  3. These are very good tips. I currently name my boards this way. It really does help. I would like to add one thing. I hesitate to change my board titles because I have links going to them on other sites. If you change the board names it will change the URL link also. Thanks for the tips.
    1. Yes if you use a hyper link to the board it will break the URL but if you use the Pinterest embed code at the top of each board it will not and update the link.
      1. That is a very good tip. I have been using the URL. I will definitely use the embedded code in the future. Thanks.
  4. Hi, nice tip about how to organize your boards. Actually it's a shame that Pinterest doesn't provide the option to create subboards. One question though. You're saying that Pinterest automatically put the boards in alphabetical order. I'm afraid that isn't true... I had to drag and drop my boards around to put them in alphabetical order. I have a business account, is that different in that matter to a personal account? But anyway, thanks for the tip!
    1. Hi Maarten, when I said they put them in Alphabetical order I meant when you pin something and the drop down list pops up, not your actual board order when you are looking at your boards page
  5. I'm so confused about group boards but your post has shed some light on it for me. Thanks for that. Lately I have been getting invites from lots of group boards and I'm sometimes weary of joining some of them. How many group boards do you recommend joining? It seems like the number can go up dramatically fast
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      There is no limit to how many to join but make sure if are using it for business, you join larger ones. You will not grow your business by joining a group board with only 600 followers.
    2. Kelley Wilson says:
      There is no limit to how many to join but make sure if are using it for business, you join larger ones. You will not grow your business by joining a group board with only 600 followers.
  6. thank you for sharing love love it huggggggsssss
  7. Great suggestions, Kelley. I'm going to suggest this to other organizers who like to pin as well. There's always something that needs a better system! Carrie
  8. L.r. Smith says:
    Have you been peaking at my PINTEREST BOARDS?? I do this.. I had to, cause I started to name them things, and KEPT FORGETING WHAT I NAMED THEM!!! LOL!! Just went back and re~named them.. easy and simple for me.. and even though something may say FOOD, It's then fine tuned with either a pie or a candy or a food on a stick.. etc.. etc...
  9. Narinder Verma says:
    Thanks for the nice way to make a board
    1. msinfoblog says:
      You\'re welcome Narinder
  10. Leslie Brackett says:
    I see so many cute and creative board names here, and at first, I thought mine were so boring (read: simple). Just after a few times on Pinterest, I quickly realized that the board names had to be organized (for my brain) so I would know where to put the pin AND where to find it later. For example, my food boards initially had be organized by subcategories, and not just all on one board called Recipes. So, I named them just as you suggested-Recipes: Chicken & Turkey; Recipes: Desserts. Boring to maybe other people, but so easy and fast for me! Although I must admit, I have changed a few of my boards into slightly more creative names, like Dinner...Thanks for your helpful hint of making groups!
  11. Patti brewer says:
    Briefly....I love your site, your pins, and the great info. that you share, therefore I am following all your boards. I am new to Pinterest and have lots to learn. My question is: when I break up my boards into smaller categories, how do I move my pins from one board to another without deleting the pin ? Thanks for your help.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Hey Patti, thank you so much. You can only move them pin by pin but it\'s worth it! When you are in your pin board, hover over your pin (you don\'t have to open each pin). In the top right corner of the pin you will see a pencil icon, click on it and it will allow you to edit the pin. Click on the pencil and it will allow you to change what board you put it on using the drop down menu. I love comments and questions so never hesitate to ask!
  12. I tried doing this but it didn't work for me - I think it's because I made e category too many words so it pushed the real board name off the screen. One word makes much more sense! I just wish pinterest would add a search to the top so you could quickly find the board you want - like in Ahalogy.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      I agree with you on the search thing! Yes you have to keep your board name simple to use this
  13. This is such a great idea- you're so smart! My boards are all over the place and you are right, it is so hard to find the group boards sometimes! Thanks a bunch- now I'm off to organize my boards!
  14. Katelyn F says:
    I did this with just my food boards, because I had way too many different types of food in my one generic "food" board, and trying to find the recipes for later was much harder! And it really did make it easier to pin to as well! But, I haven't done it to any of my other category type boards. Thanks for the suggestion!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Your welcome! When you pin on Viral Tag is where you will really see a difference.
  15. Why don't you just pick them up and move them to rearrange them? I just "grab on" in the white space to the right of the board name, them move the board with my mouse.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Hi Anne, that is to rearrange your boards on your board page. This is for when you go to pin something and are looking down the list of names for the board you want to pin it on. Those are always in alphabetical order no matter where your boards are on your page.
  16. I did this with all my decor like you did but I didn't know why I was doing it something told me it was going to make things easier and it did. I didn't even realized it was something that others might find useful. And now that I think about it I need to do that for all my categories. THanks for this.. off to organize some boards
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Ha Ha Ha, you are welcome, great minds think alike ;)
  17. Diane Zueck says:
    This is so brilliant. I'm going to work on mine right now. I have huge boards because I didn't wan to spend a lot of time hunting for the right board. So all my recipes go on one board, Holidays are on one, decor is on one..... yikes, I have tons to do to get organized on Pintrest. Love this idea. Thanks so much.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      You are welcome! The best thing about taking your old boards and dividing them out into smaller ones is that you will see old pins you forgot about!

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