Make a Waffle House Apron

So today was bitter sweet. It was Matthews last day at Mountain Park Baptist Preschool. Our family has been at that Preschool for 7 years. They have loved and supported us and have been such great teachers and friends. The thought of not having a kid there is unimaginable. Every year they have an end of year music show with all the kids and the theme was Community Helpers so they asked Matties class to dress like military personnel or chefs. One of my sisters friends made the funniest Halloween costume for her son when he was little. I have never forgotten it and have wondered if I would ever be able to knock it off! My day finally came!So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a child apron and got out my fabric markers. I used a ruler to mark out my squares


Then I took my black marker and highlighted the yellow boxes, have you figured out who he is a chef for yet?

I think it came out pretty close to the logo of our favorite place to have an indulgent breakfast occasionally!

I then got a hat from our local Waffle House and seriously could he look any cuter, everyone loved it. I think he’s ready to take your order scattered, smothered and covered anyone?

I may have to donate this to the preschool to use as dress up clothes!

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  1. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus says:
    He is So cute! Great job on that Apron Mom!! What a awesome cute Chef!! Loved it!
  2. Jen @ Four Marrs &am says:
    He is So cute! Great job on that Apron Mom!! What a awesome cute Chef!! Loved it!

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