How to Make a Succulent Garden

DIY Succulent Garden so easy to make and a great indoor garden project for fall and winter

I originally shared this post over at Domestic Superhero a few weeks ago but I could not wait to share it with you! A succulent garden is so easy and fun to make and they will make great gifts over the holidays. Indoor gardens are nice to enjoy when the weather is cold and everything outside is brown. The colors are so varied and they remind me of the time I lived in California where succulents grew outside. Don’t worry if you have a brown thumb or are forgetful when it comes to watering your plants this is the garden for you. It’s very forgiving!

DIY Succulent Garden, the perfect indoor garden for a beginner

Succulent plants are available year round so this is a great indoor gardening project for fall and winter. Here is what you will need:

  • flower-pot with drain holes
  • potting soil
  • sand
  • bark
  • small pebbles
  • succulent plants

You should be able to find small bags of all these items you may even have most of them in your garage or shed already. When I went to Lowe’s to buy my plants I played around with a few sizes and colors to find what I liked best. My favorite is the one in the middle that looks like bright green cabbage roses. There are so many textures with succulents they really can add a lot to a room.

Play around with succulents to see what colors and shapes look best together for a garden

The secrets to a successful succulent gardens is well-drained soil. This means 2 things. First you need to start with a pot that has drain holes in the bottom. If your pot does not you can use a mortar drill bit to make a few holes and not break the pot. The perfect mix of soil for a succulent garden, in my opinion, is  a mixture of soil, sand and bark. Use equal parts of all 3 (does not have to be exact). The bark allows some room in the soil to provide better drainage and succulents originally come from tropical dessert conditions so they need the sand.

The Perfect soil mix for a succulent garden

Now if you have some little helpers on hand you can have them mix it all together.

Make a succulent garden with your kids

Place your succulents in the soil mixture and add more soil if needed at the top to cover the roots. I placed the two plants with purple opposite each other and placed the tallest in the middle. This gave the garden more balance. Cover the soil with small pebbles. This is optional but it really adds a great finishing touch.

How to make an easy succulent garden

I placed my planter on a cork trivet in my entryway and every week or so I just spray it with a water bottle. Don’t over water it or the roots may rot. It’s so great to have real flowers in the house that don’t need a lot of attention and the bright green colors make me happy when it’s grey outside!

DIY Succulent Garden so easy to make and a great indoor garden project for fall and winter


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  1. Debbie caraballo says:
    Kelley, thanks for such an uncomplicated tutorial! I adore succulents, but have always been afraid I'd kill them - I have a very brown thumb! When you spray them with water, do you spray the plants and all, or just aim for the soil? I'm' pretty clueless about this stuff! Thanks!

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