6 Laundry Tips and Tricks

6 Laundry tips and tricks that will save your life! I've cut my laundry time down and no more piles all over the floor

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Laundry has always been one of the chores I hate the most. These six laundry tips and tricks will make doing your laundry easier and quicker.  I have to say this first one has changed my life and I no longer have millions of piles of laundry all over the place.6 Laundry tips and tricks that will save your life! I've cut my laundry time down and no more piles all over the floor

First I’m going to shake things up a bit and tell you to not sort everyone’s laundry together before you do the laundry. Nope, no more of that. I used to gather everyones laundry and separate them into lights and darks and would end up with 3 overwhelming mountains of dirty clothes to do. I would then proceed to do ten loads in a row in a day and a half. This would lead to four laundry baskets in my living room and endless folding and piles everywhere. It made me want to burn it all and just go naked but since that is not really socially acceptable laundry it is.

My laundry room, like many homes,  is located on the main floor of our home near the kitchen and nowhere near the bedrooms. I honestly don’t know who thought that was a smart plan in home design. I guess they think we spend all our time in the kitchen so we must want to do our laundry there too.  This means constant lugging up and down the stairs heavy loads of laundry once everything is washed. Now I do one persons laundry at a time and do one person per day. Yes, you heard me right. We have four family members so each day is assigned to one person, on the fifth day it’s sheets and towels. After a week, each person should have enough for 2 loads so you can separate them into lights and darks. However, today most clothing is colorfast enough that unless you are washing something new or red you can safely mix lights and darks together with no issue.6 Laundry tips and tricks that will save your life! I've cut my laundry time down and no more piles all over the floor


When each load is dry  fold and hang them then immediately take them to the bedroom they belong in. I have learned with two boys if I just put the basket in their room it will be ignored so I go to the extra step or sorting it into piles on their bed. This way they will have to put it away before they go to bed at night.

Doing my laundry, this way has made laundry day so much simpler and not so overwhelming.  I really don’t mind it as much now. Here are a more great laundry tips and tricks to help make laundry day even easier.

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6 Responses

  1. Wow your idea to assign days to different members of the family just makes so much sense to save time. I am definitely going to give it a go. Thank you for the great tip
  2. I was able to design my own house and my laundry room is off the master bathroom. People think this strange until I explain to them that 99% of all laundry is in the bedroom. I only have to carry my kitchen towels to the laundry room. I use my bed as a folding table.
  3. Thanks for the tips on doing laundry, it was very helpful. I agree that it is best to take each load and fold it as soon as it is done drying, this will help the clothes to stay wrinkle free and it will just make the whole job easier. I would imagine that leaving the laundry for later can be easy at the time, but it can get annoying and you are just putting it off till later.
  4. john Mahoney says:
    I agree that folding laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer is better than later. I can understand that warm clothes could be easier to fold as well as avoid any wrinkles on your clothes from leaving them in the basket after they are clean. I will make sure to fold my laundry soon after it comes out of the dryer so I have a better time keeping up with them and help them look good.
  5. Johnny McCarron says:
    I'm happy that you put a bit here about making your own detergent for sensitive skin. My wife is allergic to certain brands of detergent, and she really needs something that keeps her from breaking out. I'm sure that these tips will help out a bit. Do you have any other advice for doing your laundry?

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