How to Make a Traditional Christmas Wreath

Today I am teaming up with some great bloggers and sharing how I make a Traditional Christmas Wreath.

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Hardly ever do you see greenery anymore on wreaths! I love a traditional wreath with a lot of color. Christmas to me is about tradition and I love classic decorations.  It’s so easy to make a traditional Christmas wreath and it really can jazz up your outdoor décor.


To Make this wreath you will need:
A green 24” wreath or whatever size works best for you
Green floral Wire
Thick Rope trim (mine had tassels on each end)
2 Tassels if you rope does not have them
Mesh Ribbon
Ornaments of your choice
Glittery Floral Pics

My Mom made this wreath and I love it. Take your wreath and weave the rope or ribbon  through it. Secure it with green floral wire at the 4 points of the compass. Next using your floral wire attach the ornaments. Notice that they are put at different areas across the width of the wreath and not in the same place gong around it. We used crosses and red and gold ornaments. The crosses were secured with the floral wire like this.2-dscn8434

When you stand back from the wreath you don’t  see the floral wire I promise! Now it’s time  put in your glittered floral pics, wrap the wire stems into the back of the wreath. Lastly, you will make your mesh ribbon. I use the Bowdabra  to make mine and it makes it really easy. Secure your bow onto the wreath using floral wire (or a pipe cleaner) at the bottom of your wreath.3-dscn8435

Now you can see how easy it is to make a traditional Christmas wreath. Now it’s time to visit all the other great wreaths and get inspired for your holiday!
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