How to Dry and Store Lettuce

Last week I shared with you how to prep so you can have a variety of toppings for salad available. 

Today I am going to show you the best way to dry and store lettuce. I love a good kitchen gadget. I am having an issue of space so buying a big salad spinner is not in the plans. I had one once and it was not as great as it sounded. It was difficult to get spinning and the basket inside was flimsy and ended up getting disfigured in the dishwasher. So here is how I dry my lettuce after I wash it.

You are in luck this is not rocket science. Take a clean kitchen towel and lay your lettuce in it.


Pick it up by the corners and swing it over your head like a lasso. Yep it’s that easy. You can even sing a good country tune while you’re doing it. Have your kid’s do it, they think it’s fun. Make sure not to overfill the towel or it will not get dry enough.
Many times I would do this and put my lettuce into a plastic zip bag in the fridge but it would end up getting slimy before we used it all. Even if you get your lettuce dry it creates it’s own moisture so here is my solution and it make my lettuce last for 2 weeks at least.

I cut my lettuce up so it’s ready to throw into a salad. Then I put 2 paper towels in the bottom of a plastic container.

Then I put my lettuce on top.


Put the top on and stick it in your fridge. The paper towels absorb the moisture and keep your lettuce dry and fresh! So now you just need to pin this post or share it with all your friends on Facebook so they will know how to dry and store lettuce!

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  1. You can add an apple to potatoes to keep them from sprouting.
  2. pat brownlee says:
    how do I keep potatoes from sprouting I have tried everything thanks,pat
    1. If you have a dark, cool closet away from the heat of the kitchen, store them there. Also, it's best to take them out of the plastic bag and put them in a basket or breathable cotton sack. And finally, make sure they are totally dry before storing long-term. Damp potatoes will rot or sprout faster.
  3. Ruth Bethune says:
    Helpful Idea's and recipes Thanks
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Your welcome Ruth! Have a great weekend.

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