How to Coral Gloves and Mittens

I don’t know about you but we always have gloves, hats, and scarves hanging out of every backpack, coat pocket, and car floorboard. There never seemed like a good place to put them and we were forever losing one glove.
The other problem I have with 3 boys is that they never would end up where they should go even when there was a place to put them because it wasn’t convenient.
I have a solution!

I got an old drink bucket from my basement

I just dumped every hat, glove and scarf I could find into it.
Then I got out my Cricut and went into the Cricut Craft Room this is a free software you can download that will link your Cricut to your computer to make laying your cuts out much easier. I cut out the words with my Jasmine cartridge and then cut out mittens with one of my Christmas cartridges. The mittens I cut out of a cute paper and then put them through the Xyron to make them into stickers.

I put it right next to the coat rack that hangs right inside our garage door, so you hang your coat, throw your gloves, hats and scarves into the bucket and they ready and waiting when you need them again!  I know I’m so damn smart…OK well not really just desperate for one less thing to have to pick up!


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  1. Six Sisters says:
    This is a great idea! Great idea for organizing the mitten chaos!! :) Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We would love to have you back next Saturday and share more of your ideas! -The Sisters

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