Homework Station Lap Desk

I can’t wait to show you this homework station lap desk. I have to admit I am not great at Crafting under pressure. So when Rachel said let’s do two craft days for #backtoschoolweek I was not sure about it. Then when she said let’s post everyday I did not think about it. Well I have to say this has been the hardest challenge of this week. Not because the craft was hard it was really simple but because I was really having a mental block on it all.

Homework Lap Desk that can move from Room to Room / Miss Information Blog/ #backtoschoolweek #organization #homework station

 We have tried many places in our house to do homework. It is hard with Garrett’s ADHD and Sensory Integration Disorder to focus with lots of noise and distraction. So when my friend Angelle suggested a lap desk I thought this would be the perfect solution for both problems he he.

Homework Lap Desk that can move from Room to Room / Miss Information Blog/ #backtoschoolweek #organization #homework station

 I bought the plastic lap desk at Hobby Lobby. Using my Cricut and the Locker Talk cartridge I cut out the microscope, book, backpack, and A+. Using the Alphalicious Cartridge I cut out the letters. Garrett is into Camo for the moment so I found this orange, yellow and olive camo paper in the scrapbook section.

Homework Lap Desk that can move from Room to Room / Miss Information Blog/ #backtoschoolweek #organization #homework station

After cutting them out and placing them where I wanted them I used Outdoor Mod Podge to seal them on the lap desk. I used 3 coats letting them dry 10-15 minutes in between. (Please note the Outdoor Mod Podge did leave noticeable brush strokes. Since this is not a showpiece on my back deck I was not worried about it. I did contact Amy from Mod Podge rocks and she recommended sanding with #0000 steel wool between coats if you want to get rid of them) I did this knowing full well at some point Garrett will try to rest a drink on here and it will spill. A pound of prevention they always say! I also took some scrapbook stickers which were a little like working with ants and labeled the pockets on the side. If I didn’t there is no telling what will end up in there….Lego something I am sure!

Pockets from a lap desk homework station. Great for kids to be able to see where everything goes and move around / Miss Information Blog/ #backtoschoolweek #orgainization #homework station


I let it dry for 2 days and that was it! Garrett really likes it. He can sit in Daddy’s Big Chair, take it to the futon that is under his loft bed, you can see his room redo here.  Yesterday was my sweet Matthews birthday and they asked if I would put in this pic of them playing with one of his gifts. They are so cute how do you say no to that!


If you need some other organization ideas for kids during school here are some others you might want to check out.

Dry Erase Chore Chart made form Ikea Frame Earn Money for Chores or get decuctions for forgetting things / Miss Information Blog/ #backtoschoolweek #organization #chore chart

Kids just flip up the flap when they are done with chores / Miss Information Blog/ #backtoschoolweek #organization #chore chart

FYI we will be Closing out our Week with a PinChat! It’s a Google Hangout Chat alongside a Pinterest Board. See below for the great prizes you can win there and details.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Go to the #BacktoSchoolWeek pin board on Pinterest here. It will be full of fun Pin graphics with questions about back to school. You can re-pin the questions, answer questions in the comment section of the pins and pin crafts/recipes to the board as answers to questions {only the comments on the question pins count as entries to the PinChatLive giveaway} How fun is that?!? {**Only ONE comment per question pin per person, please. Pinterest views multiple comments from the same person on the same pin to be spam}
  2. Go to the YouTube video that will be happening during the PinChatLive from 6-7 pm EST Sunday Aug 25th. We’ll be chatting about back to school and doing a play-by-play of the pinning. You’ll be able to see and hear the hosts of #BacktoSchoolWeek and some of the participating bloggers! Comments on the video count as PinChatLive giveaway entries!
  3. You’ll be able to watch/listen to the YouTube video while you see the PinChat unfold on Pinterest
Hope you can join us, it’s going to be a Pin-tastic time!


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