Steak Sandwich Wrap

Steak Sandwich wrap perfect for back to school lunch!
I was sent the lettuce and carrot’s from Cal-Organics to try, all opinions are mine.
Today for back to school week everyone is sharing School Lunch Ideas and School Snack Ideas. I decided togive teachers a great yummy steak sandwich wrap that is made from leftover juicy flank steak. I have many friends and relatives that are teachers. I could never do what they do. Theyare blessed withthe patience of saints and I am not at all!

Steak Sandwich wrap perfect for back to school lunch!
I wish I had those kind of kids that would eat anything. I could make cute Bento Box’s and have a vegetable, fruit and healthy meal in every lunch box. Sadly I have 2 picky eaters one because of sensory texture issues and the other because he looks up to his older brother and wants to be just like him! They are pretty stick to PBJ which I make and freeze with chips, fruit and a drink.  

How to pack your lunch box:

First let’s talk about how you take your lunch. In the past we have used soft sided lunch boxes with those soft or hard ice packs you can put in. Personally not a fan. When I put those ice packs in they take up a lot of room and you have to try and strategically place things in the box and hope that they stay cold.  Last year I found PackIt lunch boxes. You put the entire lunch box in the freezer and they stay cold for up to 10 hours. You get to use all the room in the lunchbox and they are light weight! You can see my well loved PackIt in the pick up top. They are still in great shape for school this year so I saved money on not having to buy new lunch box’s. 


Now onto this yummy sandwich! Serve with a side of baby carrots. Mine are prepackaged in single serve packs from Cal-Organic so I just throw them into my PackIt and go! I now don’t have to worry about what is cold and what is not because of my PackIt  It’s all cold! 

Steak Sandwich Wrap : School Lunch Ideas
A yummy sandwich made with leftover flank steak from dinner!
Course: Entree
Author: Kelley @ Miss Information Blog
Ingredient List
  • 3-4 slices of Flank Steak (mine was left over from dinner and it was just grilled with McCormick Steak Seasoning
  • 1-2 teaspoons Kraft reduced fat Veggie Cream Cheese
  • 1 to 2 pieces of Cal-Organic Romaine Lettuce
  • 1 Whole Grain Flat-out Wrap or tortilla
  1. Take your Flat out Wrap or tortilla and spread the cream cheese over the surface
  2. Lay the lettuce on top and then the Flank Steak.
  3. Roll it up and wrap in parchment paper, plastic wrap or put in a plastic container.
Cal-Organic has been dedicated to organic farming and maintaining a balance with nature for over 25 years. As one of the only farms in California’s Southern San Joaquin Valley to convert to organic agriculture, we are very proud of our decisions and our rich farming heritage. From a quarter acre of lettuce back in 1983, we have taken the business to include 60+ different year-round vegetable items. Today the business has grown to thousands of certified organic acres. It still remains family owned and operated, while promoting family values and integrity every day. Working hard to provide personal service and finding solutions for your needs and constantly advancing the technology of organic agriculture to the highest levels. Cal-Organic applies its values on its organic farms throughout California. Bringing you year-round supplies and dedicated service. Always farming with “Pride and Integrity”.
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