Growing a Herb Garden

This post brought to you by Gro-ables. All opinions are 100% mine.

This year I’m going to do it! I’m going to try to grow a herb garden! Every time I plant a garden it ends up dying due to the immense heat in the south. Many years we end up with water restrictions and I just let all my hard work go. Herbs are so much better in your recipes and you should use them when possible over dried. I can’t wait to make a new recipe I’ve wanted to try with basil from my herb garden, tomatoes, swiss cheese, and eggs. This is also a fun way to get your kids interested in gardening and food. You get to choose what to grow and you know they will have no pesticides so they are healthy for you and your family.

The easy way to grow and herb garden for a beginner

This year I am using something new to grow my herb garden, Gro-ables are a new product from Miracle-Gro.They are easy to use and perfect for the black thumb or anyone new to gardening. They pretty much take the guess-work out of how many seeds to use and how to fertilize the soil. You can see how easy they are to use here.

If you are new to gardening and want to make sure you are a success, Gro-ables will simplify the process and guarantee you herbs and veggies when used as directed. 

There are lots of different pods to choose from and some of the one’s I am thinking of trying are: 


Dill Seed photo 12_MG_Dill_4809_1209002_V01_zpsa1795d96.jpg


 photo c3678cf8-0cca-48d6-bd68-b8d92b771fe8_zpsb892a002.jpg


Basil photo 12_MG_Basil_4809_1209002_V01_zps6f5578dc.jpg

and Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce photo 12_MG_ButterLettuce_5491_1209002_V01_zpsa4ab7053.jpg

Wish me luck on growing a herb garden and I will keep you up to date soon on how it is going! What are your favorite herbs? Click the green link below to learn more about Gro-ables.


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9 Responses

    1. msinfoblog says:
      Good Luck Rachel, send me pictures, I have found them at Lowe\'s and Target!
  1. I love these they seem so easy to use. I have a brown thumb so that is perfect for me. I hope to have a yard one day so that I can grow some of my own food.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      They are but these you can plant in pots, no need for a yard!
  2. Cool idea! I love fresh herbs in the summer for our salads! I'll try out these Gr-ables for an easy start to my garden!
  3. Okay these little things are super cute and wow I bet they are convenient. They would be perfect for a childs garden also.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      I agree, they are so easy for a child to just plop in the dirt
  4. This does sound do-able. I kill every plant that's every come into my life. lol
  5. I just saw these in the store the other day and was wondering abotu them. I grow an herb garden every year and this looks like a great way to start them!

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