Mod Podge and Glitter Desk Tool Organizer

I was so excited when my friend Amy, from Mod Podge Rocks, emailed to say she has a new line of stencils coming out! I am so happy for her and so excited to share them with you! I used them, with Mod Podge of course,  to make this glammed up desk caddy!

I used glitter, mod podge and a vinyl stencil to perk up this plain old desk caddy

 She asked a few of us to try out her new stencils with Mod Podge and glitter. I headed to Home Goods to look for inspiration and found this great desk caddy for only $12.00! I knew I had to have it! 

Dress up a plain old desk caddy with Mod Podge and Glitter

I am the only girl in my house (besides my sweet dog, Chili) so I don’t often get to lavish in glitter and all things girly. My office is one place I can, so this was a perfect project.

The great thing about vinyl stencils is that they bend so you can curve them around corners. They are also sticky on one side so they stick to the project.

No more trying to hold it still with one hand while you paint with the other and hoping it doesn’t move

No more taping and praying some of the paint doesn’t come off when you take it off (or the painters tape doesn’t hold down the stencil). 

Vinyl stencils wrap around corners and stick so you don't have to hold them It’s the holy grail of stencildom!

Amy sent me the Tangier pattern and I would love to just glitter my dining room walls with it, I love it so much. Frankly if I had that kinda time I’d be drinking wine in the tropics.

First I peeled the stencil off of the backer sheet and placed the stencil on my desk caddy. It was the perfect length to wrap around and cover 2 of the six sides. Make sure to run your hand over it so that it is adhered all the way around and there are no bubbles.

Then I took a spouncer to dab Mod Podge on the stencil.

I used regular glitter Mod Podge, not because I needed the glitter but because it’s what I had on hand. You don’t need to dilute the Mod Podge. Just make sure to cover the holes thoroughly. Use a stencil and Mod Podge to decorate anything! Here is where I made one boo boo (don’t worry it all turned out OK in the end!) You should then remove the stencil and pour on the glitter. I just went at it! I get excited when I get to use glitter, I can’t help myself.


I peeled it off and went to my sink to wash it. It came off pretty easy on the front but when I turned it over there was some on the adhesive back which was not coming off. I panicked that it would not stick anymore! Is it a mistake or is it OK, see the answer! Alas all was fine and it was no problem this baby went right down again and I completed the rest. I think she is pretty sassy and I love her!

 Glam up anything including a desk caddy with Mod Podge and vinyl stencils

One more tip I will give you. Amy sent us a little tube of glitter and when I saw it I thought there is no way that will cover all of this. I went and bought more glitter and was shaking it on. It didn’t seem like it was covering well and I didn’t want to just dump it on. I got out the little tube she sent and this thing was the bomb! It’s a squeezy tube that blows the glitter out over the surface. I will guard and refill these glitter toobs like they are gold!  

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  1. That is super cute! Love anything that gets bling-i-fied! :-)
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Me too! Thanks Vanessa!
  2. I never would have thought to use these stencils on a desk caddy - but THIS is brilliant - no pun intended,, although I do love the brilliant sparkles! Pinning!
  3. I LOVE it! I'm excited to see what other people are doing with the stencils. Your desk caddy looks SO good! (Good tip about the little glitter tube, too!!) Pinning and stumbling! :) - Brooke -
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Thanks Brooke! I appreciate the shares!
  4. Kelley, you are amazing! This desk caddy is perfect for the stencils - and you cracked me up with the "stencildom." :D
    1. msinfoblog says:
      LOL thanks Amy, I really loved the stencil and can\'t wait to use it on something else!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Yes you do! I love to play with it I must say!

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