How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Have you ever wondered how to keep your cut flowers fresh? There are many ways out there but this way has worked the best for me. I have about 15 Peony bushes in my back yard. They are my favorite flower and I dreamed of having them in my wedding but September was not a good time to get them. I look forward to them blooming every year.They don’t last for long after they bloom so I try to get as many cut and into my house as soon as I can. I want them to last as long as I can so here is how I do it. These flowers are great hiding places for bugs. After you cut flowers with sharp scissors or garden sheers shake them out!

The first thing you will need to do is take off the leaves up till the top of the stem.  Here is the Before and After.
Leaves in your vase water will rot and kill your flowers faster!
Next you will need to re-cut your stems under the water and at an angle. This will get water up into the stem. ( ignore that hideous tile in the background it so ugly but came with my house it cannot be changed until we can afford new counter tops which are also hideously green, hello Lowes and Home Depot are you listening?)  

Take your vase of water and put in 1 teaspoon of Clorox bleach.
This will keep your cut flowers from rotting in the vase and kill any germs. Now my house smells like a garden and these lasted almost 2 weeks! They made me so happy.


What is your favorite way to make your cut flowers last longer?

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  1. I usually put a capful of bleach in the water of the vase. It kills any gunk that may still be on the vase or on the stems. For roses, I place them in a vase 1/2 water and 1/2 can of Sprite... The blooms will open up fully and last for a couple of weeks.

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