Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas


Earlier this week I made Buffalo Chicken in the Crock-pot. I had some leftovers so I decided to make quesadillas with it. I took 2 whole wheat tortillas and spread some of the chicken mix on one.

Then I put on some red onion 
and some blue cheese

then I topped it. Now I build mine on a paper plate so that I can transfer it easily to to the pan without everything falling out, see..

The most important thing about doing a quesadilla and grilled cheese for that matter is to have the heat on LOW, this lets the cheese melt and the meat heat without burning your tortilla or bread. LOW AND SLOW.  Toast on one side and then flip to toast on the other. I use a fish turner because it is longer and easy to slip under the quesadilla. Just have to say, oh so good easy cheesy goodness!

Here is a close up!
so are you wondering what a fish turner looks like?

I hope you enjoy PLEASE share with me what you think about these recipes!


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  1. Hi Friend! My husband would go nuts for this! I pinned it to my Super Bowl board (which is like man food central! lol!)Hope you're having a great day!!
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      Thanks hope you like it and have a great week!
  2. Chelsea Fanders says:
    Great recipe! My hubby would love this and I'm always looking for new meal options. http://whatchmakinnow.com
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      Thanks Chelsea I hope he likes it!
  3. Kelley, my mouth is watering looking at these pictures!
  4. Thank you so much for sharing these at my Pre Super Bowl Party on Google+!! I just shared on Facebook and pinned to my Super Bowl Board!Have a super great day!!http://www.myturnforus.com/
  5. Printabelle says:
    Wow, those look sooo good, I love that you made such great use of your left overs.  Nice photos, too!  I'd love for you to add it on my link party at: http://printabelle.com/?p=4459 Thanks! 
  6. Camille Beckstrand says:
    These look so good.  We're so glad you shared this delicious recipe for quesadillas with us! We loved having you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday."  Hope to see you back soon!  -The Sisters
  7. Taylor Norris says:
    Thank you for linking up this great looking dinner at my Unveil Your Genius link party last week. :) I hope you'll link up again soon! :)&nbsp ;http://taylornorris.blogspot.com/2012/05/unveil-your-genius-link-party-11.html
  8. Christine Cook says:
    Yummy Kelley!!!!!  Great idea using the fish turner!!Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!
  9. Kimberly Sneed says:
    yum! i love anything with buffalo chicken! i might just have to give these a try! thanks for sharing! stopping by from DIY...xo,Kimberlyanightowlblog.blogspot.com
  10. Susan Rain n Roses says:
    Oh that looks good. Will definitely be giving this one a try....thanks for sharing.. :)

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