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ADHD Reminder Watch - Miss Information

Recently Just Home Medical sent me  the Rodger 8 Alarm Vibration ADHD Reminder Watch. to review, all opinions are 100% mine.

ADHD Reminder Watch - Miss Information

My oldest son has ADHD. It runs on both sides of the family so the odds that one of our kids would have it is was pretty high.Garrett is almost 11 and while we don’t let him take his meds on his own we want him to start being responsible about when to take them. He takes meds and vitamins 3 times a day. Planning times to take meds is very important. You want to take it at the right time in the morning so that it has kicked in by the time school starts. You don’t want to do it too early or it will wear off before school is out. Once you have your timing down this watch really comes in handy. We set alarms on the watch for the 3 times of day he needs to take his meds. We set it to vibrate so it’s not loud if it happens to go off somewhere like church. You can set it for a sound alarm as well if you wish.

For now his father and I also set alarms on our cell phones that are 10 minutes after his watch goes off. This way we have a reminder if he has not brought us his bottle box to dispense his meds and vitamins. Many ADHD alarm watches are big and bulky and kids don’t want to wear them. The Rodger 8-alarm watch is slim and sleek, comes in 4 cool colors and the band can fit the smallest of wrists.

ADHD Reminder Watch - Miss Information

I love the watch because I could lock it after I set the alarms. This way when curious minds start pressing buttons at random they won’t mess up the alarms. Garrett likes the watch because it looks cool and his friends just think it’s a regular watch.

There are other ways you can use this watch other than a med reminder:

  • as a prompt to pay attention during the day. You can work with your child’s teacher for times to set it or do random times
  • if your child has anxiety about changing classes you can set it to vibrate a 5 minute warning that a class change is coming up.
  • a bathroom reminder for kids who hyperfocus and forget to go to the bathroom
  • a homework and chore reminder. Use the clock for them to time their homework if they need to.

The Rodger 8 alarm watch is working great for us and Garrett has been doing an awesome job participating in his ADHD maintenance.

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  1. this is exactly what I am looking for. I would like the option of more alarms if needed. my son is 8 and has severe anxiety about school so I am looking for a vibrating watch that will give him notice when his class is getting ready to change. Definatley want waterproof! Are these waterproof? do you have suggestions that better fit my needs?
  2. Marietjie says:
    This is the best I've seen ... this will work for my son especially at school ... !! Where can I get hold of this watch and what is the price ... please ??
    1. I got ours at however, my son is older now and we purchased a less expensive smart watch for him this Christmas and love it so if you can't find this one then that is an option as well.

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