25 Foods You Can Freeze You Probably Don’t Know About

Freezer dinners make life easier and here are 25 things you can freeze other than dinner that you probably never thought of, but will be glad you know now!

You can freeze pre-made or cooked dinners, but here are 25 more things you can freeze that you probably don’t know about!

Do you have an extra freezer in your house but you are not sure what you can put in it? We have an upright freezer, so I set out to learn about things you can freeze to have on hand making it easy to pull out things for a quick dinner.  The fuller you keep your freezer the more efficient it runs. I very often will cook for a day and have ready to go entire meals in the fridge. You can get my free shopping printable here for freezer meal shopping.

25 things you probably didn't know you can freeze! This is a great list to keep my freezer stocked!

Freezing isn’t just for peas anymore, people. Some foods you can freeze you may know about already, but some of the foods on this list may surprise you.

1)  Mozzarella cheese –  We make a lot of homemade pizza and like to have fresh mozzarella. When slicing fresh mozzarella, it’s hard to get a good consistency. I put my log of mozzarella in the freezer for 20-30 minutes, then grate it in the food processor.
2)  Sliced American cheese – Yes, I mean Kraft Singles, and large slabs of cheese from warehouse stores. Slam it on the counter to break off a piece and thaw to slice, or put right in the processor to shred.
3)  Sour milk smell in a sippy cup –  When you find a sippy cup under your car seat or sofa, don’t toss it, just follow this tip to get the smell out.
4)  Chopped fresh veggies –  To flash freeze: chop, spread in a thin layer on a cookie sheet, and freeze uncovered. Then, freeze 1 cup servings in bags.  See my tip on chopping onions, tear free.
5)  Milk – Freeze in ice cube trays and thaw what you need for recipes. You can also freeze gallons of milk, but pour some out first, because milk expands when it freezes. I recommend freezing 2% or higher milk fat, because others get watery.

6)  Eggs – Crack eggs into an ice-cube tray for cakes and cookies. Directions here!
7)  Shredded chicken – Cook a big batch and shred, or when you buy a rotisserie chicken, shred and freeze the leftovers. Here is a tip on how to shred chicken in a snap!
8)  Lemon/lime juice and zest – Put into ice cube trays, freeze, and transfer cubes into a Ziploc bag.
9)  Chicken stock – Freeze any leftovers, or make a big batch of homemade and freeze it in bags or jars.
10) Pizza dough – Make your own dough and freeze the balls in freezer bags. On the morning of the day you want to use them, pull them from the freezer and they will be perfect in time for dinner. I actually find the dough stretches easier after freezing.

11) Buttermilk  – I don’t know about you but I never use an entire carton!
12) Flour and corn meal – Freezing keeps the moths out!
13) Herbs of any type – You can put a little water with them in an ice cube tray to pop out for soups or sauces. Fresh ginger freezes well, too. Just pull out when you need it and grate.
14) Left over waffles, pancakes and biscuits ( just put in the toast or microwave)
15) Hot chiles of any kind – Dice and put into freezer bags.

16) Pesto store-bought or homemade – I am always buying a jar for a recipe and using 2 tablespoons, then it gets shoved into the back of the fridge to die.
17) Garlic whole cloves or minced – Freeze with a little oil in an ice cube tray.
18) Pre-marinated proteins – Put your meat into a freezer bag, pour in the marinade and freeze. Then take it out when you want to use it. When it’s thawed it’s marinated and ready to cook.
19) Soups and chili – Make double batches of soups and stews, freezing some for later use.
20) Homemade casseroles like lasagna, mac and cheese, and enchiladas.

21) Pureed veggies to put in soups or hide for picky eaters in lasagna or spaghetti sauce! I used to put them in ice-cube trays for baby food, when they were frozen I would pop into Ziploc bags and then just pull out what I needed to feed the baby
22) Pre-made hamburgers and meatballs – Double your recipes or by meat in bulk and make a bunch to use for later.
23) Chocolate chip cookies – Make your dough, spoon onto cookie sheets, then you can flash freeze them. When frozen, put into a Ziploc bag and just pull out what you want to bake.
24) Nuts – You can freeze any type of nuts to prevent them from going rancid in the pantry.
25) Veggie scraps and seafood shells  – You can freeze uncooked veggie scraps and seafood shells to make homemade stocks.

I would love to hear some of your great ideas for things you can freeze.

Please leave me a comment!

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  1. Patti gowin says:
    Potatoe chips and cereal and butter freeze well. In summer keeps food from going stale with moisture
  2. Can you freeze the jars of Kraft cheese?
    1. Honestly I've never tried it but if you do let me know and I'll add it to my list!
  3. Leilani Abbott says:
    Frozen mashed potatoes are frozen and used to thicken my patato soup. I also use the frozen mash potatoes for shepherds pie that uses the frozen leftover frozenveggies etc.
  4. great article. you can freeze everything on this planet except for 1 item the item that can not be frozen is lettuce i havent figured out a way to do that but everything else yes...example cut up potatoes raw was them and cut them and then immediately freeze them when you go to thaw them place them in cold water they will not color and will be the same as if you just cut them.......have a great day!
  5. avocados! just cut in half or quarters peel and remove the seed, soak in lemon juice, place on a cookie sheet and freeze, once frozen place in a zip lock type bag and your good to go! or mash with with a masher add some lemon juice, place in a zip lock type bag, flatten it out for easy thawing. (you can break off what you need that way) and freeze! so when they go on sale you can stock up! you can also freeze whole or sliced lemons!
  6. How do you thaw frozen egg from ice cube tray as mentioned, for baking into cookies and cake? I love the idea
    1. Hey Andrea, I have added a link in the post you can click on to get the full information, thanks for asking!
  7. Bananas...we use for smoothies. Any fruit we put it in tge feeezer. Bread and rolls etc. I buy large quantities I freeze a lot of stuff. I make dinner usually a little more then freeze the other portion. Creating my own frozen enentree. Saves money. I have done eggs in an ice cube tray. I also scramble the eggs and freeze in zip lock bags. The kids thaw and use to make omelets or scrambled eggs. We freeze blocks of margarine. I freeze marshmallows of all types. They are yummy to eat frozen. Plus you can thaw it for recipes. During the seasonal times I've purchased marshmallows for ten cents a bag. You can freeze a lot of things. Just be willing to try. But cans of soda in the freezer doesn't work. That's what my kids discovered. Oh boy was that a mess. I freeze olive oil. Again buy in bulk or on sale I will purchase a lot and freeze it.
  8. Nice list! I also freeze fruit juices, so that whenever kids need a drink, I just toss some fruit juice ice cubes in water and they're good to go. :)
  9. Yes, I freeze a lot of things when they are sale. And I cook once, eat 3 or 4 times. Saves a lot of time. Used to have an upright freeze, but don't use it anymore since family have all move out.
  10. Whenever I am lucky enough to find coffee creamer on sale, I buy 10 or 12 of them and keep them in the freezer. I do the same with butter, bread, bagels, margarines, and sandwich meats. In the Springtime, when the Strawberries go on sale, I buy at least 5 or 6 plastic tubs of them. I clean them and remove the greens. Then I place them separately on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them. A couple of hours is all it takes. Then place them into a ziploc bag and back into the freezer. I use them in place of ice cubes in my ginger ale all winter long. You can use them in wine or punch, also.
  11. I freeze all of my leftover veggies and meat when it is not enough for leftovers. When I have enough I throw it all in the crock pot with a can of tomatoes and broth for a great soup. : )
  12. Vicki Riddle says:
    I always freeze margarine or butter, and marshmallows. No difference to taste or texture and they keep fresh for so much longer.
  13. I buy the large carton of heavy whipping cream at Costco, and freeze most of it in jars (with room for expansion!). Then I can use it in manageable amounts! Just thaw it all the way before trying to whip, or you'll get soggy lumps instead of stiff peaks. :)
  14. Excellent list! I also freeze nuts. I buy a bulk bag of shelled nuts (almonds of all variety, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts, etc) and pop them into a freezer bag. Just take out what I need for the recipe and toast a tad to brighten the flavor. No more stale nuts.
  15. I freeze any kind of leftover cooked noodles. Mix some butter, margarine or virgin oil with the noodles. Just a little. You won't need a lot. You should not be able to see the butter/marg/oil on the noodles. Put them in zip lock bags. I squeeze all the air from the bag before sealing. When needed, take from freezer and open bag. Fill it with hot water. May take a couple fills of hot water. They taste like they were just made but are done in minutes. Makes for a nice quick dinner.
  16. I like to make a big batch of breakfast burritos. Wrap in foil and freeze. Just pop them in the oven for breakfast on the go.
  17. I freeze all chips and butter I also measure buttermilk in one.into one cup and put in bags I also divide desserts into single servings wrap in wax paper them into ziplock bags
  18. I've always stored flour in the freezer. I like to grind my own whole wheat but over time it will lose its nutritional value if you don't freeze it. Actually, flour doesn't freeze but helps it store longer.
  19. I freeze my extra spaghetti sauce, enchilada sauce and tomato sauce in ice cube trays. After they are frozen, I pop them out and put them in a labeled freezer bag for future use.
  20. Greg Altenhofel says:
    Here is a tip; I buy 5lbs of peeled Garlic at a time. It cost about $12.00 so it’s really cheap. On the first day I put it in a food processor and spread it on a cookie sheet. On day 2 I take a pizza cutter and cut it in one inch squares then divide it onto 3 cookie sheets. This is important because it melts fast. Then back to the freezer. On day 3 I put it in zip lock freezer bags or vacuum seal it for long storage and back to the freezer. Now whenever you need garlic just drop a square in and it truly melts like butter. If you try to rush the process it will stick together and become hard to grab just one cube.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      That is GREAT Greg!
  21. Over ripe-too spotty to eat bananas - I toss them in the freezer whole in the skin, then let them thaw when I want to make a batch of banana bread or pancakes or whatever. Thaw on a plate, or the black skins will stain your counter. When thawed, just peel off the black skin and you're left with the perfect mushy banana inside for your recipe.
  22. Not ann sheen says:
    I don't freeze everything on your list (some we just don't eat), but always there are the chopped onions and peppers. Also whole "slices" of parmesan, romano, blue and feta cheese, and containers of all the same grated in small plastic containers. When the grated is gone, the cheese goes on the grocery list, and the next whole piece is grated. I always have butter in the freezer, and once thawed there is no difference in taste or texture. Nuts all freeze well, too--walnuts, pecans, pignoli, almonds. Grated Coconut, Leftover pieces of sliced "long" bread (baguettes, etc.) to use for garlic toast or french toast, rolled pie crusts in the dishes they'll bake in. There are the usual frozen leftovers, as well. Always keep a whole chicken (roaster), five pounds of ground beef, a chuck roast and pork chops on hand, too. I don't remember the last time I couldn't throw together a dinner for 4-12 without a trip to the store.
  23. my mother always freeze cereal, hard candy bought after a holiday, cake mixes and brownies mixes that she would catch on sale
  24. Calli Scarbrough says:
    I freeze strawberries when thy go on sale and pull them our when I I make my smoothies
  25. I freeze just about everything !! Mashed potatoes, nuts, chocolate chips, popcorn as it pops better frozen!! Like yo cook ahead cause I find I eat healthier if its already done. Berries too. Frozen blueberries are a fun pop in your mouth treat and healthy I also keep all my shredded cheese in the freezer
  26. Johnnie H. Melton says:
    You can also freeze chips - have a friend who worked for Frito Lay, and she stored bags of chips in the freezer, and they were great when taken out. No, they were not soggy!!!!!!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      I never would have thought about that! What a great idea thanks for the tip Johnnie!
  27. I freeze bread, rolls, for no longer than 3 weeks, just let thaw naturally on the counter top-good to go. Don't force the thaw in the microwave. I buy a 5 lb package of sliced American cheese-break into about 3/4-1 lb amounts wrap in foil and freeze. No need to whack a huge block on the counter. Thaw in fridge-excellent. I freeze grated cheese all the time- re freeze- no issues. Great list.Thanks.
  28. Thanks for the list! I just ran and froze some pesto and also a carton of buttermilk I had in the fridge. I hate wasting! I also freeze spaghetti/pizza sauce in 1/2-1 cup amounts in separate baggies. We rarely use a full jar in one meal, so it cuts down on waste.
    1. msinfoblog says:
      You are welcome! You are right we never use a whole jar!
  29. mary Waite says:
    ---Make coffee, add what you wish, cool. Pour into icecube trays, freeze. Use with chilled coffee, will not dilute or change taste of drink when used. ---Buy large amounts of meat, especially when on sale. Wrap pieces individually in plastic wrap, freeze on trays, put in labled ziplock-type bags. ---Pork chops, chicken breasts, turkey breasts: put one piece with 1-2 tbsp water in 1 gal. or 2gal. size ziplock. Gently pound out flat. Label and freeze, flat. Great for scallopini, cordon blu, etc. ---Take flattened meat (above), open sides of bag, add seasoning, cheese, (turkey) ham, veggies (cut into matchstick size). Roll up meat bundle, secure, wrap, label and freeze. You may also substitute your favorite meatloaf for the "flattened meat". Make the meatloaf, spread out and flatten into a large rectangle, fill, wrap, label, freeze. ---Batteries, cheese, milk, butter, fruits, veggies, jellies/jams, breads, soups (gazpaco into ice pops), cookies, unfrosted cakes, muffins, etc...!!!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      All great ideas Mary thanks so much for sharing!
  30. i have frozen bread and cooked rice, diced onions,celery, whole tomatoes ( I used them at later date to made tomato sauce)
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Oh cooked rice that is a good one! Great ideas thanks for sharing Jeanette!
  31. I keep a gallon zip lock bag in the freezer and add any leftover veggie pieces, including onion peels, celery stalks, potato peels, etc. When I have gathered enough, I make veggie stock. Another bag holds any pan drippings or sauces that are left when I cook chicken. That used to as chicken stock/broth to flavor soups.
  32. Anonymous says:
    I freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays. I just pull out a cube or two and add to my recipes.
  33. Julie @ Strawberry Adventures says:
    I freeze chocolate chips for baking! And I ALWAYS freeze Kit-Kat candy bars :)Great blog!Julie ~
  34. Julie @ Strawberry A says:
    I freeze chocolate chips for baking! And I ALWAYS freeze Kit-Kat candy bars :)Great blog!Julie ~ www.strawberryadventures.blogspot.com
  35. Nice list! We only have the freezer in the fridge (not a chest freezer) but we've found that freezing veggies, onions, beans, and grated cheese in recipe-sized portions is very convenient! (I think the consistency of thawed cheese is better if it was grated before freezing. Besides, that way I only gooey up the food processor once for 2 pounds of cheese!) One of our favorite veggies to freeze is kale because it thaws very quickly and can be used in so many different recipes...but it's sold only in big bunches, and we are a small family, so if we leave it fresh we often don't use it all. We freeze various other veggies (or fruits) when they are on sale so we can have them out of season without paying the higher price.
  36. Nice list! We only have the freezer in the fridge (not a chest freezer) but we've found that freezing veggies, onions, beans, and grated cheese in recipe-sized portions is very convenient! (I think the consistency of thawed cheese is better if it was grated before freezing. Besides, that way I only gooey up the food processor once for 2 pounds of cheese!) One of our favorite veggies to freeze is kale because it thaws very quickly and can be used in so many different recipes...but it's sold only in big bunches, and we are a small family, so if we leave it fresh we often don't use it all. We freeze various other veggies (or fruits) when they are on sale so we can have them out of season without paying the higher price.
  37. I'd add to that meat bones for stock - when i have a couple of chicken's bones i throw them in my stock pot along with veg peelings i'd also frozen, pour on boiling water and set it going. Leave to cook all day and then you can freeze the finished stock!
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      That's right thanks for reminding me I have a ham bone in the freezer left over from a spiral sliced ham, just waiting to make black bean soup
  38. Anonymous says:
    Believe it or not, you can freeze potato chips. I have done this to save them for school lunches or parties. I have also frozen butter and margarine, stocking up when it is on sale and removing a stick as needed.
  39. Kelly Klepfer says:
    Beans, beans the musical fruit freeze great. I always make big batches of them and freeze them in 1 1/2 - 1 2/3 cup measurements (in liquid) about the equivalent to canned beans. Less sodium, cheaper.

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