15 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

15 non candy Easter basket ideas your kids will love getting

If you’re not a fan of filling your kids Easter basket with candy here are 15 non-candy Easter basket ideas that every kid will love to get.

If you're not a fan of filling your kids Easter basket with candy here are 15 non-candy Easter basket ideas that every kid will love to get.
I’m not going to say I’m one of those moms that hates giving my kids candy. A few of their favorite treats like Hershey bars are always expected or the traditional chocolate bunny. My kids just don’t eat that much candy. We have a treat jar in our kitchen that still has Halloween candy in it so for me it’s a waste of money to just put in candy. They are also picky and other than starbursts, pure chocolate or bubble gum that is about all they want of the sugary stuff.

Over the years I’ve looked for things that are fun for them or that may add a little value to their lives when looking to stuff eggs or fill up their Easter baskets.

Here are 15 great non-candy Easter basket ideas that you won’t mind giving them and they will love getting.

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Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk – Sidewalk Chalk is a fun way for kids to be artists outdoors and when it rains it just washes away to create a new canvas.

Grow Toys – My kids love to get small grow toys and these fun Easter themed grow eggs hatch and then kids can watch as the character inside continues to grow in water.

Money – empty out your change jar or you car stash and divey it up in a few plastic Easter eggs. Kids will have fun counting to see who got the most and save it for a rainy day.

Lego Mini Figures – If your kid is a Lego fan then stash a few lego figures in their eggs instead of candy. They will love it when they open up one and find that character they’ve been dying to get. You can also put a small lego set in their basket they start at under $4.00 each.

Retro Toys – Many kids today don’t get all the fun and learning we did by playing with fun toys and games from the past like marbles, jacks, Slinkys and silly putty. Put them in your kids Easter basket and show them just how much fun you had with them.

Special Treat Coupons – Print out coupons on your computer for special family times, movie rentals, a chore-free weekend or a night they get to pick their favorite dinner. Kids love a little control and this is a cheap inexpensive way to bring them joy.

Books – Instill a love of reading in your kids by putting a book in their basket. Whether it’s an Easter-themed book or one with their favorite subject or character they will read it over and over again. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Clothes – Whether it’s a shirt with their favorite character or those Nike Elite socks they’ve been begging for this is a great Easter basket filler they will get some use out of and be excited to get.

Play-Doh – Playdough is a classic. Every kid loves to roll, stretch and cut it. Give each kid and few jars and let them share. You can also put in a few fun Play-doh cutting tools as well.

Bubbles – Kids love to blow bubbles and the bigger the better! Get traditional bubbles or no-spill bubbles and a fun bubble gun to sit back and watch the fun begin.

Craft Kits –  Whether you have a girl or a boy there are great craft kits for making jewelry, rockets or growing a little garden. Stimulate your kid’s interest and give them a great family or weekend project to do.

Mind bender games  – These are all fun for kids and adults to play. They stimulate critical thinking and fun all at the same time. They are great to keep in the car or their book bag whenever you need to keep them busy.

Puzzles – Whether you have big kids or small you can find a puzzle they will love. Get fun 3D Puzzles, Star Wars Puzzles or easy puzzles for little kids.

Car Travel Games – When I was young we loved to play travel bingo and it’s a great way to get kids off the electronics for a bit when you are on a long trip.

Mini Makeup and Jewelry – For girls, mini nail polish in their favorite colors, hair decorations or fun jewelry can be put in eggs for a fun surprise without the sugar.

Do you have any great non-candy Easter Basket Ideas? Leave me a comment and tell me yours!

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7 Responses

  1. Angelle Buckley says:
    and I always try to include whatever they gave up for Lent... So kid #3 is getting coffee.
  2. Angelle Buckley says:
    Nutella is always a hit!
  3. These are great ideas! I have also used movies and music cds now that my kids are older.
  4. Jennifer Alfarano says:
    I sometimes buy small sand pails and fill them up with all of the fun outside stuff, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, maybe a kite, sunglasses!!!
  5. My girls are 38 & 39 and they still fondly remember their Easter baskets. I would buy their favorite fruit, exotic fruit (that they didn't get very often), and a small toy for their basket.

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