Teaching Laundry Skills

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Teaching laundry skills to your kids can be totally freeing when it’s back to school time! Teach them a few times then use this printable as a reminder. It includes a color chart so they will understand, visually, the difference between light and dark colors.

Teach your kids to do their own laundry and hang this step by step printable to remind them of the steps!

It’s back to school time, and that means running in fifty million directions and lots to do. One of my most hated chores is laundry until now! We had an older set of machines and to finish a typical week of laundry for four people would take 8-10 loads. Our washer finally died, and I did a happy dance! I purchased a much larger washer and dryer, 4.8 capacity, that now allows me to get our entire week of laundry done in three to four loads! It’s amazing!

With our new washer and dryer, we decided to do a makeover in our laundry room. I also wanted to make a better place for the kids to put their backpacks, jacket, and shoes when they get home from school. I was tired of tripping over everything in the doorway of our garage. We had old cabinets that did not fit most of my cleaning products. They were also ugly and brown.laundry-room-redo-renovation-ikea-proctor-and-gamble-P&G-downey-tide-teach-kids-laundry-2 I ended up getting a wire rack to hang on the opposite wall for most of our cleaning supplies.laundry-room-redo-renovation-ikea-proctor-and-gamble-P&G-downey-tide-teach-kids-laundry-3It was ugly and made my new washer and dryer just look sad! Not to mention the lid of the washer would smack into the cabinet every time you opened it. laundry-room-redo-renovation-ikea-proctor-and-gamble-P&G-downey-tide-teach-kids-laundry

After painting the room a neutral color we are carrying through the entire first floor of our home, I was ready for shelving. I planned my new shelving layout online and headed to Ikea. Once the new shelving was installed, it was time to put everything back into place. Before I could do that, I needed to remove all my pencil marks I used to mark where my studs were. I grabbed a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (best invention ever BTW), and it easily took them off without ruining my new paint job.Clean your washing machine with a Magic Eraser in no time flat to get rid of the grime

Magic Erasers are great for all sorts of things; I used to use them to clean the grimy build up off of my old washing machine. Clean the grime off the inside of your washing machine with a magic eraser in less than five minutes! Magic Erasers have tons of other uses too, I just love them!

One of the things our salesperson warned us about was not using HE (high efficiency) detergent in our machine. HE washers use less water to clean your clothes and using regular detergent will clog up the machine because the amount of water it uses is not sufficient to rinse it out. That build up can cause the machine to malfunction and to eventually create an offensive odor. It will also cancel your warranty.

Luckily my favorite detergent and fabric softener, Tide Advanced Power and Downy April Fresh, come in an HE formula. I buy them in the big jugs from Costco, and they fit perfectly on my shelves where the kids and I can reach them. Tide provides the best clean of any detergent I’ve ever used and I love how soft Downy makes my clothes. Awesome laundry room renovation using IKEA shelving for a custom design, it's so easy to do yourself and make your laundry room work for you!

My oldest is twelve and now at the age he can help with the laundry or at the least do his own. It took a few times for them to get the hang of all the dials and buttons so I made this printable for him to check the steps when he needs to. It’s perfect for teaching kids how to do laundry, and you can download the PDF for yourself to hang in your laundry room.  How to teach kids to do their own laundry and this free printable reminder of the steps

I know have space for everything on my shelves and hid all the ugly random cleaning bottles in the baskets, bins, and jars. Now I even have hanging space now which is awesome! Renovate your laundry room and make it work for you instead of making do with inexpensive shelving from Ikea

I just love this basket that clips on to keep items handy I need to grab quickly. I love this clip on basket from IKEA to hold things I want to grab quickly in the laundry room, its perfect when you donr have room for a shelf to maximize storage

All of this freed me up to hang a coat rack and hooks for the kid’s backpacks on the opposite wall along with a shoe rack. It’s now easy to put away when they come home. Now the trick is just getting them to actually do it (wink wink). This laundry room was a mess now its not only a laundry room but a mud room as well. Its amazing how they maximized the space in this small laundry room!

Now it’s time for you to head to Costco and get all of your favorite P&G Household Needs Products so that you are back to school ready for teaching kids laundry skills!

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