Spring Burlap Wreath

I saw a wreath at Hobby Lobby that I kinda liked but I knew I had most of the stuff at home so why buy when you can make it!

I had a 14” straw wreath, I took the plastic wrap off an wrapped it in burlap ribbon.
Hazzard of the job!

Then I took tan yarn and kitchen twine and wrapped them around the wreath. I secured everything with my glue gun.

Finally it was time to put the flowers on. I glued them in place. It only took 2 stems which I clipped apart with wire nippers so I could place them where I wanted.

I put glued on a burlap flower and put the leaves around it.

Here is the final result! I love it. My front door is very hard to photograph as you can see in the first picture so I took 2 more for you can see it better.

This project took me less than an hour to make!
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