Sharing Recipes on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+

Did you know it is easy for you to commit copyright infringement by sharing on Facebook? Don’t be alarmed I am going to show you the right way to keep you safe.
First let me explain to you the anatomy of putting a recipe on a blog or website.

Now you can understand what a blogger goes through when they share a recipe with you. There are many people who have decided to start web pages or Facebook pages to share our recipes. We WANT you to share them, share away, especially this post!
However there is a right way and a wrong way to do that! Here is an original post from a bloggers Website

Here is where this copy write thief on Facebook has taken the picture, copy and pasted the entire recipe on her Facebook page

You might be asking why is this bad? Well first Karen never mentions who created the recipe so Food Pusher is not given credit. Second, even if she did list Food Pushers name, by posting the recipe with no link means the person never has to visit Food Pushers Blog. Blogs are all about page views and visitors. Now here is the correct way, it’s so much easier you just hit the share button at the bottom of the bloggers post or on Facebook right here…

It’s the same on Google+! Just make sure that you share it to Public and not to your circles because those are people you follow not people that follow you!

Please understand this is a big deal, this is taking money out of our pockets that we are trying to feed and support our families with. You may think I am being overly dramatic but equate it to this.  You go to a car dealership, Bob spends 2 hours with you giving you a test drive and answering all your questions. You go back 3 days later to buy the car but Bob is at lunch and Stewart sells you the car and gets the commission. What would happen? Bob would find out, report Stewart to his boss. The boss would write up or fire Stewart and make sure you got the commission. Our commission is credit for our work and the ad revenue we generate from visitors and page views to our blog.
So what can you do if you find someone posting an entire recipe from someone’s blog on Facebook without giving the blogger notice? First UNLIKE that page! Next contact the blogger and let them know. We bloggers are a very supportive community. Want to know something, just ask,
Now if you are a blogger who has been violated what can you do? On Facebook you go here. This week I found some of Paula Deen’s recipes pirated on this Facebook page, I sent Paula Dean’s company an email via there website and posted on there Facebook page, they took care of it and sent me a sweet note, autographed apron and picture of Paula as a thank you. On Goggle just click the drop down arrow at the top right of the post and you will see where it says “report abuse”
One other thing I will share with you is that many times people do not understand what they are doing is wrong so if you find someone please ask them nicely first to take down the material and explain why. Some will. Unfortunately others will vilify the blogger and get really ugly because they think the person sharing these recipes makes them all, they are not, most probably have never cooked any of them. I’m not asking anyone to be ugly I am just asking people to give credit the right way. Because something is on the internet does not mean it is free reign. This is no different that plagiarism in writing a book.

IF you have any questions I would love to hear them!


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