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Recently we’ve been reviving plans to redo our backyard patio. Our deck has gotten to the point that it may fall off the house in another year with a strong wind. The people that owned the house before us built this beautiful screened porch with a pitched ceiling and Mexican clay tile on the floor. The open deck area, however, was not built to code and the boards are getting saggy and they are very weathered. You will often see it as the background for my recipes like this one for Chicken Fajita Dip.Wayfair asked me to share my dream patio decor ideas and since we were already working on it, I said yes. The decorating is the fun part right? I’ll let the hubby stick to the boring stuff! First I started at Wayfair’s Patio Inspiration Gallery and found this picture.

Photo Source - Wayfair and SLC Interiors
Photo Source – Wayfair and SLC Interiors

Next I started looking around Wayfair’s site and created my own idea board. Setting up an idea board is great because you can get everything together and see it in one place. This allows you to see how it’s coming together so you can change colors or styles to make sure it’s exactly what you wanted. It’s virtually foolproof So how do you figure out what to buy? Let’s start by looking at our patio plan.

deck design

I have noted where the screened porch opens to the patio and the alcove at the back is our grill area. We have a Big Green Egg and don’t tell the hubs, but I’m working on a custom table for him as a fathers day gift. Basically, we have 2 to decorate both areas so they will coordinate. I want a sitting area over on the left in the corner and maybe a rug in the middle. Eventually, we may put in a bar between the grill area and porch with stools. For right now though we are going to start with the first phase.

Step 1 in planning patio decor ideas:

Step by Step how to choose furniture, accessories and add color to your patio or porchThe first thing you want to decide on is your basic canvas. This would be rugs and furniture. These are usually neutral because they are going to be your more expensive pieces. Yes, I know you might love those bright red cushions, but you might also decide you are sick of it in a year or two and want a change so I always go neutral here.  I found a 3 Piece Deep Seating Group with Cushions. We are tall so I love deep seats. The love seat will go onto the screened porch to lay on and read along with an outdoor table lamp. The 2 chairs will go onto the deck to sit in while Dad grills dinner and I drink a glass of wine and maybe read a book. This Sausalito Brown/Tan Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug will go under the teak dining table we already own and this awesome Teak Two Level Buffet Sideboard will be our serving/staging area on the screened porch. We LOVE eating outside in the spring and fall. In the summer, our screened patio has a ceiling fan which helps with the southern humidity.

Step by Step how to choose furniture, accessories and add color to your patio or porch

Step 2 is to add functional color. These are basic pieces that are less expensive that will really add a pop of color but won’t kill you to replace. First is this Aluminum Push Tilt Umbrella, our deck get’s quite a bit of direct sun and the ability to have a little shade over my 2 chairs is the perfect solution. This awesome Raised Planter is going to sit in front of my kitchen bay window and hold a herb garden. I love that it’s raised and has a shelf under it to put a watering can. The bright green Urban Trends Ceramic Stool is to be used as an end table, or my wine holder you might say. Finally, I will add a pop of color to my chairs and sofa with these outdoor pillows. Now you might be wondering why I would want a hardware cart, it’s for parties. We will use it as a rolling bar or an extra grill staging cart and the bright blue totally fits my inspiration picture.

Step by Step how to choose furniture, accessories and add color to your patio or porch

Now comes step 3 which is accessorizing. My teak buffet from above or my bar cart can hold these blue and green wine goblet’s when they are not being used along with this cute mason jar 1.5-gallon beverage dispenser. I think I will buy at least two of those for tea, water, or lemonade. To jazz up my table I saved these blue washable outdoor placemats (washable is the key here folks!) The table setting will include this set of melamine Mediterranean dinnerware. We love melamine plates for eating outside it’s lighter and virtually unbreakable. To add a touch of the south, I’d love to get these viburnum napkin rings to go on my white linen napkins. Just using a linen napkin can dress up any meal or BBQ and make it feel more special. Down the middle of the table, these glass lanterns and flameless candles will add decor and light when it gets dark. I used to use real candles in lanterns, but the ceiling fan keeps blowing them out so these are great and they have a remote!

Now that you have seen my dream patio, I want to challenge you to go and create your dream patio idea board, then come back here and leave me a link to it so I can see it or leave me a comment letting me know what the number one thing you would want on your dream patio to be!

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  1. Wow! I love all of these ideas! I’m going to decorate my patio. I’m in the market to buy new furniture for my patio.
  2. Love that mason jar drink holder! I need to order one for my pool!
  3. Oh, I wish I had a good patio to decorate. I love all of these ideas!
  4. Love every bit of it (and I'm a little jelly of your awesome deck layout)! Wayfair has so many products to offer that I often use them for inspiration then house all my finds on an Idea Board. When I'm ready to purchase, I just go the Idea Board and make my selections. It's all so easy + convenient!

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