Naughty or Nice?

So every year at Christmas my hubby and I get out the elves. This is not because we get a kick out of coming up with things to do, it is really because we use it as a way to screw with our kids to get them to act the way we want them to. We have 2 elves in our house so that when our kids want to screw with there kids they will both have there own. Garrett named his Dude and Mattie named his Tommy (after Thomas the Train)

So Dude and Tommy have done a few fun things this year but they are always good to make a point. Tommy was very upset with Matthew so he had his back turned to him for 2 days. Last year Dude brought Garrett a bag of coal to remind him to be good. Our final nail in the coffin so to say was this wonderful website:

The Portable North Pole

You can put in your child’s picture and personal information. They will even talk about the one major think you have been working on this year…in our 3 year olds case it was throwing temper tantrums.

Well needless to say, the next time he went to throw a temper tantrum I said isn’t that what put you on the naughty list? He stopped mid tantrum and said “I not throwing tempa tantwum”. OK so maybe Santa’s just an imaginary tradition but he sure does work when you can’t seem to discipline your kids! See some of this years fun below!



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