Mod Melt Bulletin Board Pushpins

Have you tried Mod Melts? They are one of the newest and funnest products from Plaid. I started a big project with them which I will be sharing with you on Monday but I can’t stop thinking of ways to use these things! Today I wanted to show you some push pins I made for my cork board.

 Matthew was intrigued as well (Yes! you are seeing a boy crafting).  The Mod melts are great for kids to squeeze but I recommend adding the tack yourself. Mr. Hardhead decided to grab one to do and got his first hot glue gun owie the hard way.

Here are the items you will need to make your Mod Melt Bulletin Board Pushpins:

  • High Heat Small Stick Glue Gun
  • Silicone Molds
  • Mod Melt Sticks
  • Flat Headed tacks or push pins
  • Paint
  • Rhinestones and glitter paint optional

The Mod Melt Sticks come in sea glass or milk glass. You put them in your high heat hot glue gun. You will need to get one that takes the skinnier glue sticks as currently that is the only size they make the sticks in. Once you heat the glue gun up you squeeze the Mod Melt sticks into one of the Mod Molds or any other silicone mold you might have at home. They take about 10 minutes to dry all the way through and then you just pop them out.

For this craft Mattie helped squeeze the Mod Melt into the mold. I did find it is easier to fill around the edges first to make sure you get into the edges really well then fill the center. Once the flower was filled he stood back while I put set a flat-topped thumb tack into the back. as the mod melt dries is will adhere to the tack so no need for extra glue.

Don’t worry about those strings hanging off you can pull them off or snip them with small scissors after you pop them out of the mold. Now that you have a few tacks made you are ready to paint.

They were really pretty in the sea glass but since I am in a home of all men I have to get girly bling where I can. Next I just painted them with acrylic craft paint,  I put a top coat of glitter craft paint and then hot glued a rhinestone in the middle of the daisy’s. I think these Mod Melt Bulletin Board Pushpins really dress up my cork board!


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