Homemade Stuffing and Dressing Recipes

Homemade stuffing and dressing recipes make your holiday meals just a little bit tastier and more special.

Last year, I asked my Facebook fans what they thought the difference between dressing and stuffing is. The overwhelming answer was that stuffing is when it’s actually stuffed in a bird, dressing is when it’s made in a pan. I’m curious what do you think? All I now is that either way it’s good and one of my favorite parts of our Thanksgiving meal. Homemade Thanksgiving stuffing and dressing recipes - my favorite Thanksgiving side dish! Ton's of great recipes are in this complete guide to Thanksgiving dinner from Miss Information!

I’m from the south, and in my house, it’s always dressing no matter where it’s cooked. My absolute favorite is my mother’s cornbread dressing, however, I know some people don’t like cornbread and everyone has their own opinion on what makes a good stuffing or dressing. But if you are in a quandary about it or just want to try something new this year you are in luck. This is part 6 in Miss Information’s complete guide to Thanksgiving. I’ve got your covered on every part of the meal including decorations! Once you take a look at these delicious recipes you can visit all of the other days below this post!

So, I’ve got you covered with lots of homemade stuffing and dressing recipes.

Traditional Cornbread Dressing  – this is my mothers recipe
My favorite Thanksgiving side dish, my mothers traditional cornbread dressing or stuffing depending on how you cook it!
Oyster and Sausage Stuffingsensational-stuffing-dressing-recipes-thanksgiving-2
Are you now totally inspired to bump up your Thanksgiving with these homemade stuffing recipes? To see all the other days in our series including cranberry sauce, side dishes, appetizers, desserts and more click the pictures below.

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