How to Make Living Spaces

Living spaces are the ones you use most often, see how to create a beautiful one with less money

Living spaces are those places in your home that you spend the most time in. They are the rooms that get the most wear and tear. You want to make sure that you get the best furniture pieces for these rooms that will stand up to use and will not break the bank. Let’s face it shopping for furniture is confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for or where to go. I’m going to show you how I am found the right pieces for our Den to make it functional and durable for our boys as well as pretty for me.

Living spaces are the ones you use most often, see how to create a beautiful one with less money

Our Den is huge and we wanted to maximize our seating. We bought our sofa 11 years ago when I was pregnant with Garrett. It’s been jumped on, eaten on and other things that boys do but I will spare you those details. It is time for it to go.

We decided that as the boys grow older we wanted something they could hang on with friends and a sectional seemed in order. We wanted real leather (not bonded) so that it would hold up to some abuse but still look great. The boys of course wanted recliners and I cringed! All I could think of was those big puffy things and there was no way I was getting one of those! I wanted something more like this!

Love this great sofa to update my home - #havertysrefresh #decor

I know you are saying it’s not practical for 2 young boys and you are right. (A girl can dream can’t she) We went to a few furniture stores to look and everything was ultra modern or poofy. We are on a budget and since we want real leather I went to some stores that I thought would give me cheaper pricing. I found one we liked at an outlet store but it was too big and cost $4000. I found another at a popular retailer that let’s you buy the piece or the room and my piece was a little more modern than I wanted and was $4,200. (Insert husband cringing)

I was getting frustrated and while out one day decided to pop into a Havertys. It has been a long time since I have been in their store.

Havertys Leather Ottoman with Tray


When I arrived I started to look around and a salesperson came up and introduced himself as Marcus. I usually shun the salesman right away with an “I’m just looking”. Marcus said he understood and would check in with me in a few minutes. I have been stalked by many a salesperson but Marcus was true to his word and left me alone for a bit.

I looked around the store for a while and realized that not only do they have way more up to date furniture, they have some great accessories which I am in dire need of as well. Get a load of this Decor Eye Candy before I get on with how I am making my living space !

Great place to store extra pillows #havertysrefresh #decor

A beautiful sofa table with bright fun pillows


A great lamp with these jars covered in net and metal medallions

A Leather ottoman with a try. Love the flowers to jazz it up  #havertysrefresh #decor

Trays with a light and airy floral arrangement

I love this bird pillow, great bed ensemble #havertysrefresh

Designer bed ensembles I just love this bird pillow!

Selection of Rugs from Havertys

Rugs for every style home including ours, I loved this one with the swirl design!

As I looked around at all the neat pillows, lamps and accessories something caught my eye. It was some bright orange and leopard print pillows sitting on this fantastic leather sofa! It is just what we have looked for. Something that is a little traditional but with clean lines. It was leather so it would hold up to the boys abuse. I was in terror it would be $6000! I looked at the price tag and to my surprise it was under just around $3000 and was real leather!

Marcus checked in as promised and we started to talk about the sofa. He got out his measuring tape for me so I could make sure it would fit in our space. He also asked me to sit in the recliner and put it back to try it out. It was so comfortable and warm which is what you want when you are making a living space not a show space.

We looked it up on his iPad and he showed me all the options and configurations we could get the sectional in so it would fit my space. He priced the configuration I wanted and printed it out for me to take home and show the hubby. He let me know that they were starting an Anniversary Sale on the 22nd and after that they would be having a Memorial Day Sale so I could come in any buy the sofa then and save even more. I seriously could have kissed him!

I told him I almost didn’t come in because I thought everything would be out of my price range. He laughed and said it was a common misconception because they have a high end look. Guess I should have gotten the hint when I saw this!

I also noticed a sign that said they have design services and inquired about them. He explained that the store has an on staff interior designer that will come in and help you plan your space and accessorize it. However, if you are a DIY’er like me, then you might also consider our in store classes like the upcoming Decorating ABC’s on June 14th! It is free you just have to find your local store and call to sign up.

We are going back in a few weeks to order our new sectional, I am so excited and with the sale I might just be able to throw in a few of those snazzy pillows they had on display!

Are you planning on designing a new room this year or trying to make a living space in your home? You can get more info on future sales, classes and furniture from there website or by following them on your favorite social media. I’m making it easy for you and giving you all the links!

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Havertys helps you bring your vision to life. Visit to find a store near you, detailed product information and design tools to inspire your next project.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Havertys. The opinions and text are all mine.


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