How to Clean Kitchen Counter Grout

How to Clean kichen Grout without spraying cleaner all over your counter top
This week my friend Wendy showed me the best trick to clean kitchen counter grout. You know that little line between the counter top and back splash? Wendy’s husband is on a mission trip to Venezuela so the boys and I packed up and headed to her house in Ballground for 2 nights. She has a beautiful house with a lake and creek.  My boys get to go all out and just do the things boys do. The boys played in the creek for hours and then played in the car wash she built.Before I left I was helping her clean the kitchen and she noticed her grout was nasty. {We had been discussing how we go to clean something and get side tracked} So on Wendy’s side track she showed me how to clean kitchen counter grout so that it get’s into that small yucky grout line.


It was the best use I had ever seen for those 100’s of medicine droppers I have because you can never have enough of those. She keeps a little mason jar of bleach on her counter and just dipped the syringe into it and put it along the grout line. The best part of this is that the bleach is contained and not dripping all over the counter and it gets right into the cracks and crevices. Just leave it for 5-10 minutes and here you go: no scrubbing.


I love learning tricks from friends, we had a great time as always thanks Wendy!


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