How to Care for Wood Cutting Boards

How to Care for Wood Cutting Boards - Miss Information

Last month I shared with you 10 things that should be washed by hand. Today I want to teach you how to care for wood cutting boards and utensils. These items should never be put in the dishwasher because it will cause them to dry out and crack. When well cared for your wood cutting boards will last for years.

How to Care for Wood Cutting Boards - Miss Information
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I love cooking with bamboo or wooden spatulas. They work better than plastic spoons and you won’t scrap your non stick pans with them. It’s best if you deodorize them and then condition them once a month or so.  I used two products for this which you can buy here and here, but make sure to see the post so you’ll know how to use them. To see this great time just head over to  Real Housemoms, where once a month I’m bringing you even more cleaning and organization tips. To see how to clean and condition wood cutting boards and utensils just click here.

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