DIY Budget Bathroom Makeover

DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

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I have been making over the first floor of my house the last six months. I started with the front hall and living room and yesterday I did a budget bathroom makeover in our guest bathroom. This makeover cost me less than $40, and I love it! When we moved into our traditional style home I was 6 months pregnant and I tried to stay with the style of the house. My style is a little more a mix of traditional with a more modern/artsy look.  DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

My homes main colors were previously warm reds and yellows. I am now going with more cool tones and bringing in blues, grays, and bright yellow. Cool tones just calm me and brighten my mood. 

The Bathroom Before and After:

I love bold prints. I bought this red and cream shower curtain with big flowers on it as the main accent in my bathroom. I made everything else tan and black so my shower curtain would pop. Honestly white rugs are just not practical when you have two boys! I also inherited white tile with grout that is not. I have tried every remedy in the world to get this grout white again, and nothing works. (just ignore that grout okay!)DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

My husband likes to pile books on the back of the toilet, and our sink is small so I’ve never put much on it. We use this bathroom more than any other in our house by inhabitants and guests so I wanted it to be more inviting and fit in with our new color scheme. Right now you can Save on home essentials with Dollar General! so I stopped in and got a few new accessories. I found everything I needed for under $40.00!DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

I found the perfect shower curtain with blues and a great green that ties in with the guest room next to it. The curtain and liner were only $12.00 for both. DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

Next I found this great rug set that covers a lot of my ugly grout for $10! It also included a lid cover, but I’m not a lid cover kinda girl.DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

They had these great baskets in 5 different sizes and three different colors for only $1.00 each. I chose gray to tie my rooms together.DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40 In one, I put wash clothes they were $3.00 for 6. In the other I hid a room freshener I bought for $2.00 and my unmentionables. Hey, you need them but no one wants to see them.DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40 For my counter top, I bought a clear glass vase, blue marbles, and some fabric flowers totaling $6.00. This room has no windows and gets no light, so a real plant is not practical.I had this frame on hand and made a cute sign that says Wash Your Hands to match. It’s not obtrusive and dresses up the counter top while being a good reminder to my kids.DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

I have a towel rack that was just bare so I was excited to find these towels to pull out the green in the room for only $2.00 each. They really add a punch of color to the room.DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40

On the door, I had this old bathroom sign that doesn’t match anymore.DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40 I pulled out my Cricut and some gold vinyl and made put “The Loo'” on the door. I think it’s fun, and now people can distinguish between the coat closet and the bathroom.Used my Cricut to make this cute Vinyl sign for my bathroom door, took 5 minutes to make and hang! Here again is the before (boring beige) and the after (fun color!). DIY Budget Bathroom redo for less than $40 I just love how it turned out and am so glad I was able to redo this room for less than $40 with a few things because I could Save on home essentials with Dollar General!. If you’ve not been there lately you really should go check it out and see what room you can spruce up for spring! You can also get other great ideas for other rooms in your house on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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  1. Cynthia B. says:
    Gorgeous makeover! I love the shower curtain! That's a great pattern and the color is gorgeous! I love shopping for bargains!

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