Cricut Halloween Crafts

Halloween is such a fun time to craft. Cricut Halloween Crafts are easy to make and with so many delightfully devilish crafting projects it’s no wonder there should be a celebration!

 Cricut Halloween Craft Ideas | Miss Information

Last year I used my cricut and made this fun Spooky Witch Picture.

 Cricut Halloween Craft Ideas | Miss Information

If you own a Cricut you can get in on the fun and enter to win the Cricut Halloween Giveaway, where you could win a Cricut gift card for $50, $75 or even $100! For the month of October, share your best Halloween creation that was made with your Cricut machine and you will be eligible to win.  Winning designs will be posted on the Cricut Facebook page! 

Just to give you a head start and get some inspiration here are some ideas I found on the Cricut site.


Cricut Halloween Treat Bags


Cricut 3D Pumpkins


Cricut October Birthday Card


Cricut Crash Landing Cupcakes


Cricut Halloween Klok


Good luck, and may the best ghost or goblin win! Submit your Entry to Cricut’s Halloween Contest here

If you need to stock up on your Cricut supplies in order to give your designs that extra bit of spook, great news—Cricut offers free shipping on all orders of $35 or more!



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