Chocolate Cake Martini

Chocolate Cake Martini - better than just cake!

Are you a more icing less cake type of person or vice versa? Me? I’m a more cake less icing person and instead of eating my calories for my birthday this year,  I decided to drink them. I’m celebrateing with a Chocolate Cake Martini!

Chocolate Cake Martini - better than just cake!

 This martini is so easy to make and perfect for any occasion, but I’m turning 45!!!!!!!!!!! It’s funny I feel like I should be old at 45. Some days I do feel that way but many days I still ask when am I gonna feel like an adult that has all the answers? I don’t ever know if that will happen but today I am just content being 45.

When I made this martini, it was so good I had to visit my friends restaurant, 1910 Public House, to share it with them. They have a fantastic local restaurant here in Ga. and they were nice enough to let me take pictures there, so go visit their Facebook page and give them a like! I’m working on doing some other fun cocktail recipes with them to share with you soon!

Now there is one more celebration happening. My Contributor, Ang, from Juggling Act Mama is vacationing in Hawaii  for her Sisters wedding. What a happy time, so I ‘m sharing the recipe in her honor over on Ang’s blog. 

Just click here>>>>>>I WANT THE RECIPE FOR A CHOCOLATE CAKE MARTINI NOW!>>>> to go and get it!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with my readers! You're the best :) Ang

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