50+ St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

50+ Awesome St. Patrick's Day Recipes!


St. Patricks Day can be one of those fickle holidays. Either you celebrate it or you don’t there is really not a lot of in-between. It very often creeps up on me and I get pinched! This year I’m getting prepared early so here are over 50 St Patricks Day Recipes. This list has everything you need no matter how big or how small your St. Patricks Celebration is. It includes cocktails,  breakfast ideas, snacks, desserts, appetizers, traditional Saint Patricks Day recipes, and fun stuff for kids. If you don’t know exactly who St. Patrick is you can read this post on the history of St. Patricks Day for Kids. Stay tuned because next week I will be sharing some great St. Patrick’s Day Crafts as well.

50 Awesome St. Patrick's Day Recipes!

Everyone loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Here are 50+ recipes to help you make the most of you celebration with friends, family, and even strangers!

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