How to Live with Poise – My Personal Story

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Poise, but all my opinions are my own.

Today we are going to talk about something personal, it’s LBL. No this is not a fancy text abbreviation thought up by some snarky teenager or some fabulous hashtag that is going to get you noticed! But before I tell you what LBL is I am going to tell you a very personal story!

When I was pregnant with my first child I got up on Thanksgiving morning to go empty my bladder, I did then flushed and walked away… and it happened…the warm gush. I stood perplexed and my husband yelled out, “Are You OK?” I said, “Well either I peed on myself or my water broke” Here’s the thing, I was really trying to figure it out in my head because I could not wrap my head around the fact I was about to give birth! Laughing my husband says, “Well since you just peed and flushed the toilet I’m guessing your water broke!” Smartypants!

Sleeping on Mommy's Chest

So we brought home this bundle of joy! He was so sweet and cuddly and then it know that moment when you sneeze and it’s all over…your bladder control that is. Yes, you just sneezed and peed on yourself! It reminds me of the days of an unexpected period while wearing white pants!  It is beyond embarrassing so I ,of course, mention it to my Dr. and he says, “Oh yea that is normal you just need to do a bunch of Kegels every day.” Dude, with my life I don’t have time to remember and exercise the outside of my body much less my hoo-ha! So l I had to find a solution! My second child was 10 pounds, that means your bladder get’s pushed to places unknown.  I was almost 40 when I had Matthew, so between babies and age, well…sneezing happens. Then I found myself trying quickly cross my legs and squeezing them together when ever I felt a sneeze or cough coming on hoping to stave off this wonderful new part of womanhood.poise-pads-pollinate-media-ad-campaigne-sponsored-lbl

Now grab your cup of coffee or wine and let’s have this conversation like besties. I’m now going to tell you about that abbreviation –  LBL  – it means light bladder leakage! Well my blog IS named Miss Information and I have NO verbal filter so yes we ARE having this conversation! LBL is nothing to be embarrassed about and let’s face it, lots of us that have had a kid, or are in our 40’s have it so we might as well discuss it.  Luckily for you, I am an open book and am going to share how I handle this situation with Poise. I have tried many different solutions for LBL and Poise is the easiest, no worry one. They lock away wetness and absorb odor, AKA you won’t smell like your 9-month-old with an overfilled morning diaper. I just throw them in my bag and go!
Having 2 boys I  am all over the place. Soccer, basketball, volunteering at the school, wrestling around and cleaning house. Poise lets me do all these things without having to worry, they stay where they are supposed to be because they are thin and flexible and move with your body. That means they don’t get all twisted in your hooha, requiring you to walk around squirming and trying not to pull at your underwear to get it back in place like some other brands.
So no need for you to be embarrassed as we all move onto the next phases in life, just print this $2.00 coupon, go to Walgreens and try Poise. (NOTE: this link becomes inactive after 2 clicks, so you’ll need to be ready to print it when you first click on it.) Don’t forget the other necessities when you go Wine and Milk!

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