How to Paint Picture Frames

How to Paint Picture Frames - Miss Information

Welcome to Quick Tip Tuesday where I share small tips to make your life easier. Today I’m going to show you how to paint picture frames. Very often you want a pop of color in your decor or you have some old frames you want to repaint instead of buying something new. When you lay them flat on a sheet to spray paint you can’t get the edges and the sheet sticks to the paint messing up your paint job. Well worry no more Miss Information has you covered and this trick is basically free!

How to Paint Picture Frames - Miss Information

Recently I started re-decorating my entry and living room and I wanted a fun pop of yellow to pull out the color from my new entryway rugs. It really adds a bit of fun to my entryway. 

How to Paint Picture Frames - Miss Information

I had some black frames in my closet and bought some bright yellow spray paint. I laid down a sheet and pulled some soda cans from my recycling bin. I set them on the sheet and placed my frames on top.

How to Paint Picture Frames - Miss Information

I have also used solo cups, old Tupperware or small boxes for this trick. The point is to elevate the frames so you can get all the edges painted without messing them up. You will have no rough edges or spots.

How to Paint Picture Frames - Miss Information

When spray painting make sure you do smooth back and forth strokes and do light coats. I sprayed 3-4 light coats to make sure my frames were well painted. When I paint I use this fabulous Rust-Oleum Quick Spray Comfort Grip handle. It let’s you easily spray your paint without getting a cramp in your fingers.

Rustoleum Comfort Grip for Easy Spray Painting - Miss Information Blog

You just clamp it around you spray paint can and there are no cramped fingers in the end. I’m going to give one away today so enter below to get your’s.

Rust-oleum Spray Paint Comfort Grip Giveaway - Miss Information

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  1. I really appreciate your tip on how picture frames in a walkway can add a splash of color! My wife and I recently moved into a new house, and we noticed that the paint on the walls is very neutral. If we can't paint the walls, I will be sure to paint our picture frames instead!

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