3 Places to Spend your Money and Attention on Kids’ Room Decor

Ready to decorate your children's room? Here is great ideas and the 3 places to spend your time and money to get the best bang for your buck!

Kids room decor.  It can be a challenge for many reasons.  One of which is that ADULTS are the ones undertaking the decorating.  And although we are always well-intentioned, sometimes our adult brains can lead us astray.  Being the loving, caring, wonderful parents we all are, we want to please our little angels.  We want their superhero bedroom to be the bestest, most superhero-ey-ist bedroom in all the land!  So we go WAAAAAAY overboard on the theming.  

Ready to decorate your children's room? Here is great ideas and the 3 places to spend your time and money to get the best bang for your buck! And I’m here to tell you that I completely “get” wanting to go all out a child’s room.  But I’m also here to tell you to PUT DOWN that Spiderman lampshade.  Now!  Trust me, you already have the Spiderman comforter set, matching dust ruffle and accompanying curtains.  We don’t need all this.  In fact, we need to dial this all back about eight notches.

Let’s talk today about kids room decor, and I’m going to share with you 3 of the most important areas to focus your time and attention on.  Because, let’s face it parents.  WE DON’T HAVE TIME…or attention anymore.  Kids have taken all that from us.  We need this to be as quick, simple (and cheap) as possible.

1. Bedding

One thing in a kids room is a must.  A bed.  Beyond that, everything is gravy, right?  So, let’s make that bed a great one.  How?  Bedding.  Pick a comforter or a duvet that is inviting, and will last BEYOND your son’s affinity to Thomas the Train.  Does he like trains?  Then think blue ticking perhaps…

From RH baby and Child - Blue Ticking Kids Room Bedding
From RH baby and Child

Ticking is such a great, neutral bedding that can read a bit masculine.  It would work in all kinds of themed kids rooms.  Trains, camping/outdoor, patriotic…you name it.

Blue Ticking Bedding - A Great Bedding Option for a Kids Room
From Savvy Southern Style

Have a little lady in your life?  We know she likes purple and pink…that’s great.  But the room doesn’t have to have a thick, pepto-bismol coating of it everywhere.  Why not keep the bedding more neutral, but add some frills? 

Neutral Ruffled Girls Bedding
Ruffled Bedding from Overstock.com

Perhaps a pop of a less expected color while keeping the girly-ruffly-fun?

Feminine Ruffle Bedding
From Young House Love

The great thing about staying neutral is that the bedding will last a lot longer!  Look at this beautiful white ruffle comforter paired with denim in a teen’s room…smashing. 


Denim and Ruffle Comforter
From Junk Gypsys PB Teen Collection

2. Storage

Kids may be pint-sized, but their stuff can fill a room up quick.  Make sure storage is a part of your decor plan.  There are effective ways to beef up your storage capacity, while still keeping it attractive.  Take a look at these great ideas for book storage and display!  

Upcycled Drawers to Book Storage
From Addison Meadows Lane

Attractive, inexpensive and completely utilitarian.  What’s not to love?

Fabric Book Storage Slings
From Domestic Imperfection

How about tote bags for some back of the door toy storage?

Back of the door tote bag toy storage

Most parents love cubbies.  Super functional, right?  But not always attractive.  How about something with the same function, but a little more flair?

chicken nesting boxes as galvanized toy storage
From mapleleavessycamoretrees.com


3. Focal Point/Focal Wall

Instead of driving home your theme in every nook and cranny of the room, why not make one, big, grand statement and then, call it a day?!  A vinyl wall mural is very non-commitment, and packs a big punch.  Superhero or comic book theme?

superhero or comic kids room theme wall mural
from brit.co

How about a wall where your child can actually create her own masterpiece?

writable wallpaper with picture frames
Picture Frame Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

Or, a less expensive focal wall, and always a crowd pleaser…

Chalkboard wall
from DIY on the Cheap

A simple color theme can be used for a bold statement, like pink done right here as a striped focal wall at the HGTV dream house in Martha’s Vineyard.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to be striking. And paint is a cost-effective way to add impact to a space. 

Striped Focal Wall Kids Room Decor
HGTV Martha’s Vineyard Dream House – Cuckoo 4 Design

Concentrating on these three elements – bedding, storage and a focal point, will help transform your child’s space into a cost-effective, functional, and beautiful oasis.  A space that she will cherish for years to come.  Remember…less can be more.  Don’t go overboard…even if it’s a pirate theme.  

Want to see how I’ve done my kids rooms? Stop by and see some of our kids room designs anytime!  

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation, I find that kids room usually need to be renew within 3 years as the grow up and got new love, so I will not spend too much on decorating kids room.

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