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Make these fun Frankenstein Halloween Cocktails with Gummy eyeballs and black sanding sugar!

Frankenstein Halloween Cocktails

Author Kelley @ Miss Information Blog

Ingredient List

  • gummy eyeballs
  • ice
  • black sanding sugar
  • 2 Shots Vodka
  • 1 Shot Triple Sec
  • 1 Shot Rose's Lime Juice


  1. Place gummy eyeballs in an ice cube tray and fill just to the rim of the gummy eye with water.
  2. Freeze overnight
  3. Pour some black sanding sugar onto a flat plate
  4. Pour Triple Sec or Rose's lime juice onto a second plate and dip the rim of the glass into it.
  5. Dip the wet glass into the black sanding sugar to rim the glass.
  6. Put ice cubes into glass
  7. In a shaker filled with ice pour in your Vodka, Triple Sec and Rose's Lime Juice.
  8. Shake till blended, pour into glass and serve