The Most Popular Uses for Coconut Oil

From kitchen tips to beauty tricks here are the most popular uses for coconut oil

Uses for coconut oil go far beyond the edible kind! Coconut Oil is all the rage now. I am not one to jump on any “health nut” bandwagon quickly. I have always been very skeptical of natural remedies, but my friend Cristina is slowly pulling me to the light! Recently, I’ve been been researching uses for coconut oil to see where I could substitute it into my regular routine.

From kitchen tips to beauty tricks here are the most popular uses for coconut oil

I bought this jar of coconut oil a few months ago, and it was just sitting by my stove staring at me. I was afraid it would make all my food taste like the tropics, and tropical Italian just didn’t sound so good, but I was wrong. Shhhh, don’t tell my hubby I admitted that!


How I First Started Using Coconut Oil

I recently started reading about the benefits of oil pulling. What is oil pulling you ask? You take a spoonful of coconut oil and put it in your mouth. The heat in your mouth will start to melt the oil and you pull it through your teeth, just as you would mouthwash. You do this for 10 minutes. Then spit the oil into a trash can not your sink because it’s toxic.

I know you are thinking the same things I did:

  1. I’m going to GAG when I put this Crisco-like stuff in my mouth
  2. That is so gross!
  3. 10 minutes? Are these people nuts?! I can’t keep my mouth shut and swish for 10 minutes!

I decided to give it a try. I set the timer on my oven and put a spoonful into my mouth. It took a bit for it to melt but I was able to stand it without gagging. It melts faster if you start pulling it through your teeth right away. At first, I was swishing so much my cheeks got tired then I realized I was not in a swish race and slowed down. I did make it the entire 10 minutes, you just have to nose breathe. Then, I rinsed with water and brushed my teeth.

I have been oil pulling for a few weeks now, and I must say that my gums feel better and look healthier.

If you have wondered how to use coconut oil like I have then here are 30 uses for coconut oil to get you started.

Uses for coconut oil in the kitchen it's not just for cooking

Uses for Coconut Oil in the Kitchen

You won’t believe how these uses for coconut oil in your cooking and kitchen care will change your life!

  1. Bake with it. You can substitute coconut oil into any recipe to replace butter, olive oil, or canola oil.
  2. Cook with it. There are many benefits of cooking with coconut oil. According to my research, it is an antioxidant, is heart healthy and will help your cholesterol.
  3. Put it in your coffee instead of creamer. Some people like it just stirred in, but if you are afraid it will be oily, then blend it. It tastes almost like a whipped latte.
  4. Pop popcorn with it. You won’t believe how good it is this way!
  5. Put a teaspoon into your favorite smoothie to give you an energy boost.
  6. Season cast iron with it, by putting it on a paper towel and rubbing all over your cast iron pan.
  7. Oil wood cutting boards with it to keep them from cracking. Here’s how to clean wood cutting boards first.
  8. Heal cooking burns faster and with less scarring.

15 Coconut Oil Beauty tips, also the most popular uses of coconut oil

Uses for Coconut Oil in Beauty Treatments

Coconut oil is so good for your skin and won’t clog your pores! Give some of these uses for coconut oil a try to make you look your best.

  1. Whip it in your mixer to make the best face moisturizer that you have ever used. It won’t clog your pores either.
  2. Rub it straight on your lips as a lip balm.
  3. For dry or cracked hands, take some and rub it all over your hands like lotion. Then, put on cotton gloves to cover. You can do the same for your feet with socks!
  4. Make my slow cooker lotion bars with it to soothe your dry skin.
  5. To defrizz your hair – put a small amount into your hands, rub them together and put through your hair.
  6. Make bath bombs for you and your kids with it.
  7. Make an all-natural face bronzer stick with it (recipe coming soon).
  8. Lessen wrinkles and brown spots by rubbing it under your eyes and on your age spots.
  9. It makes a wonderful makeup remover – just put some on a tissue and gently rub across your eyelids to get your makeup off.
  10. Make a great sugar scrub with it and exfoliate your entire body, especially those feet, because it’s almost sandal season!
  11. Cure cradle cap – Just rub it on your baby’s head and watch the cap disappear.
  12. Use it as a diaper rash cream and barrier, by rubbing it on your baby’s bum.
  13. Get rid of lice. Rub coconut oil all over your scalp and hair, then put on a shower cap and sleep in it. Not only will the lice be dead, but your hair will be soft and shiny after you wash it.
  14.  Mix it with Terra Shield Oil from doTerra to make an awesome bug repellent.
  15. Relieve dry sinuses by putting some on a cotton swab. Gently rub it around the inside of your nostrils, but don’t go up in there too far and damage anything!

Ways to use coconut oil all around your house

Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Home

There are a lot of great uses for coconut oil in your home that will replace many toxic ingredients you might normally think to use.

  1. Condition wood surfaces and furniture by rubbing on with a soft cloth (test a small area first).
  2. Condition leather with it – I only recommend using it on shiny leather and again, test a small area first.
  3. Remove chewing gum from carpet (or hair) by rubbing a small amount on it, wait about 20 minutes then wipe it away.
  4. Clean and shine up your plants by putting some on a soft cloth and rub the surface of your leaves with it.
  5. Get off Sticky Labels by rubbing it on and letting it sit for about 15 minutes, those sticky labels will slide right off. No more toxic smelling GooGone!
  6. Get paint, wax and other sticky things off your hands by rubbing coconut oil on, then wash with warm water and soap instead of using mineral spirits.
  7. Wipe the inside of candle votives with it to prevent melted candles from sticking to the votive and ruining it. What Type of Coconut Oil Should You Use?

What Types of Coconut Oil to Use

There are a few different types of coconut oil in your store, and you may be confused as to what to use. Here is a quick run down to help you decide.

Virgin Coconut Oil – This is the purest form and the best form. It does have a stronger taste and smell of coconut but provides the best benefits.

Refined Coconut Oil – This has been somewhat processed to take away the odor and coco-nutty taste. It is still good for you, but you will have to ingest more to get the benefits of virgin coconut oil.

Fractionated Coconut Oil – This is used as a carrier oil in cosmetics and for aromatherapy. It’s processed to remove some fatty acids, so it will never go rancid.

I hope you have found some new uses for coconut oil and will give coconut oil a try. I used it in my scrambled eggs this morning with mushrooms and spinach and they were the best eggs I have ever made!



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15 Responses

  1. I have to agree w/ the cooking suggestion. Coconut oil makes the BEST homemade granola ever! So yummy!
  2. jULIE ASHWORTH says:
    Loads of info thanks - coconut oil is also great for conditioning nails...
  3. I used to put coconut oil on my face - did that for a week - FAIL! Made me break out like crazy! Buttttt I know it's good for you hands and feet! ;)
    1. I wonder why, it's non-comedogenic so it shouldn't. I have used it for a while now and not had that issue, but everyone's skin is different for sure!
  4. Cynthia B. says:
    Thanks for all the amazing ways to use coconut oil. I am now going to purchase a jar. I have a question-when you were explaining about the pulling, you said to spit it out in the trash can and not the sink since it was toxic. You then mention using it for the treatment of lice.....if you do that and then wash your hair, it goes down the drain. How is this possible and not when you are pulling? I am wondering how one way is okay, but another is not. Thank you!
    1. Hi Cynthia, when you do pulling it pulls all the toxins out of your mouth so you don't want to spit those down the drain especially if you are in an area where your sewer system dumps into live water with fish in it. It will kill the lice by smothering them this does not turn the oil toxic.
      1. Cynthia B. says:
        Thanks for clearing up the confusion! :)
  5. These are really great and clever ways to use coconut. The third coconut oil tip really got my attention, since my hands are usually dry, especially during winter. If you have any other articles about the uses for coconut, please let me know. :)
    1. Kelley Wilson says:
      I can't wait to try these thanks for sharing the recipe!
  6. The Better Baker says:
    Escellent post! I use coconut oil for a few things, but this really helps me to expand its uses. I recently read about oil pulling too...I am definitely going to have to try that. Thanks a million for sharing this list of great info!
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Thanks Barb! It really has made a difference in my gums.
  7. This is such a great post! I knew it was great for lots of stuff, but didn't realize just how many - holy moly! Pinning! :)
    1. msinfoblog says:
      Ha I know I may have to start buying it by the gallon!

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