Tomato Sandwich

 In the south one of the things we look forward to in spring is fresh vegetables. Tomatoes are one of my absolute favorites. Last week I visited my Mom’s and we made  a tomato sandwich. I had forgotten how good these were. Now I want one EVERY DAY! It’s so fresh and crisp, it’s like healthy comfort food. This sandwich is a staple in the south. Many make it with only tomato and mayonnaise. My father makes his favorite with tomato and peanut butter. (Don’t ask I know how bad that sounds, he swears by it)

Tomato Sandwiches are a southern staple and perfect for spring or summer

 This sandwich is the perfect way to bring in spring and it’s healthy! Just a few notes, I did do a personal taste test between Kraft and Dukes Mayonnaise. Dukes was the winner hands down and if you want to make this low fat they have a great low fat version. You must toast the bread or it won’t hold up to the water in the veggies. It also gives you a crunch you will love with this sandwich.

Tomato Sandwich
A southern favorite in the spring and summer
Author: Kelley @Miss Information Blog
Ingredient List
  • Sourdough Bread or whatever bread you prefer
  • Tomato Slices
  • Peeled and sliced cucumber
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Dukes Mayonnaise
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Salt
  1. Toast your bread
  2. Spread some mayonnaise on one or both pieces depending on how much you love mayo
  3. Layer the Swiss cheese, tomato, cucumber
  4. Add some salt more is better than less on these veggies
  5. Add romaine and top with the other slice of bread.
Recipe Notes

I did my own taste test and prefer Dukes over any other brand


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