How To Make A Bag Tag In PicMonkey

Make your kids a personalized Bag Tag in Picmonkey for their school backpack or lunchbox. I’m going to show you just how to do it.How to make a bag tag in PicMonkey for you kids lunchbox or backpack/ Miss Information Blog / #backtoschoolweek #bagtag #picmonkeyPicMonkey is a free online software. It’s so easy and fun. Matthew will be starting kindergarten this year he wanted me to make a bag tag for his PackIt lunch box.  We love PackIt lunch box’s because there is no need for an ice pack. You just freeze the lunch box and it keep’s everything cold for hours. I also love the PackIt shopping bag for when I go to Costco or the grocery to put meat and frozen things in while they are in the car.

Matthew is full on into superhero’s right now so I Googled to find a digital scrapbook paper for superhero’s and found this Batman looking paper from Jazzy Scraps on Delighted. If you have not been on Delighted you should check it out, it’s full of great shops and is like Etsy. Superheroes scrapbook paper and clip art download

How to make a personalized bag tag in PicMonkey

Step 1: Open a free account in PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing .  Go to the main screen and click on edit a photo.  Then select the scrapbook paper file from your computer.step-by-step-how-to-make-a-bag-tag-picmonkey


 (Hint: When you are following this tutorial look to the far left of each picture. You will see the line with a bump in it along the nav bar. This shows you where in PicMonkey to find each step)

Step 2: Crop a portion of the batman paper in a rectangle shape (don’t worry about the exact size now. You will want to be careful of where you crop it so you don’t cut off half a logo if you can prevent it. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time you can move and change the crop.

Then go to resize and change the size of your crop to a 3×5 which in PicMonkey is 2500×1500 (pixels) Now don’t ask me how to convert inches to pixels but you can check out this handy dandy guide from the Monkey!how-to-make-a-bag-tag-in-picmonkey-bagtags-batman-nametags-backpack-tag


Step 3: Add a shape. I just used a simple geometric circle but use any shape you prefer. If you have another picture you want to overlay like the shape of a black bat you can if you have the upgraded PicMonkey account and use the  Your Own button. step-2-add-shape-and-recolor-how-to-make-a-bag-tag-in-picmonkey-bagtags-batman-nametags-backpack-tag


 Step 4: Recolor your shape. You can do this 3 ways:
  • in the box that auto pops up drag the circle in the color box all over until you find the color you want
  • If you want a color from your background, which I did, you click in the side box as the below picture shows. A medicine dropper appears and you put it over the color in the picture you want to copy and click on it
  • If you have a hex code number for the color you want to use then you can type it in at the top right hex code box provided


3-recolor-shape-how-to-make-a-bag-tag-in-picmonkey-bagtags-batman-nametags-backpack-tag-pickmonkey Step 5: It’s time to add your child’s name. Using the Text function you click on the font you prefer and then click on the add text box at the top of the page. If you don’t like the font you picked, highlight the text and click on another font to change it. You can change the color of the text just as you did in Step 4 and you can adjust the size by dragging the size button or by pulling on the box (hint: you may have to click off and back on your text box to do so).


 Step 6: I thought my tag looked a little unfinished and wanted to put a border on it. I went to frames and  picked simple edge and adjusted the thickness of the outer border and put the inner color thickness to zero since I only wanted one line. You can change the color just like you did in step 4.5-add-a-border-how-to-make-a-bag-tag-in-picmonkey-bagtags-batman-nametags-backpack-tag-pickmonkey


 Step 7:  Save your picture to your desktop and print it on card stock paper. **(side note, when I printed the 3×5 it was too big so I adjusted my printer settings to print wallet size and it was perfect!)finished-tag-how-to-make-a-bag-tag-in-picmonkey-bagtags-batman-nametags-backpack-tag-pickmonkey


 Step 8: Cut out your picture and laminate it. Cut out the laminate tag and punch a hole in it. You can use anything you like to tie it to the backpack or lunchbox. I used a binder ring like the ones you find in a notebook. This way it’s easy to remove when I need to wash the lunch box.

How to make a bag tag in picmonkey - Miss Information

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