Staying Calm in a World of Boy’s Messes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Brawny® paper towels. The opinions and text are all mine.
Let’s face it, being the only girl in a house full of boys can be daunting in many ways. I yearned to have a girl to play barbies with because Barbies I can do. Playing out scenes from Starwars or battling superheroes is not in this chic’s DNA. Being the mom of boys has been a learning process, but the biggest thing I’ve had to learn is how to stay calm amid the messiness that comes with it.How to stay calm and clean up in a house full of messy boys

I like to say I am the mother of three, one by marriage two by birth, in that I mean my husband can be just as messy a little boy as my sons. My oldest Garrett took after his father from the very beginning. I went through our old family photos just to give you a taste of what I mean. One of his favorite things to eat when he was little was cheese tortellini with marinara sauce. I finally gave up on bibs and just changed his clothes after he ate because as you can see no bib was going to catch this mess. Might as well just let him go for it and wipe up the highchair with a paper towel and throw that onesie into the wash.Keep Calm with Messy Boys and #staygiant

What you can’t see in this photo is our dog waiting right under the highchair tray for any falling debris.

One messy memory that will forever hold a high place in stories of the past was the great cream cheese incident! Garrett was always a picky eater. To get him to eat sandwich meat, I would hide it in a rolled up tortilla with cream cheese. I got by with that for a while before he caught on. One day he decided if he was going to share all his dropped bits with the dog he might as well just share the entire container of cream cheese with her and I do mean the entire container!How to Keep Calm and clean up after messy boys - the great cream cheese caper

Oh, that’s not all, doggy facial anyone? It’s amazing the dog would come anywhere near him after this, but this sweet puppy was never phased by anything my boys threw at her.Keeping Calm and Cleaning up after boys messes

This is one of those times I didn’t know whether to laugh, scream or cry.  Let’s face it this could be enough to make any mom come unglued on a regular basis and if not for laughter and a great stain remover I might have several times. I just have to remember to breath deep, stay calm and remember he is a boy and boys are messy. It’s all part of the fun right? There is nothing that this boy eats that doesn’t end up all over his face or clothes! He is my unsung hero of mess and laughter!Stay calm and clean up after messy eaters

Even with all Garrett’s messes he is one of the biggest joys in my life. Everyone who spends time with him comments on how caring, kind and sweet he is. As a Mom, I could not ask for a better compliment than that so I just have to focus on the good be resilient in the face of this hot mess. Thank goodness for my other unsung hero Brawny! It’s tough enough to clean everything from faces, countertops and yes even cream cheese on the dog. I can’t live without it and in this house we just have to keep calm and #staygiant.The Messy Lives of boys and how to stay calm and clean up life's messes

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Brawny® paper towels. The opinions and text are all mine.